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    So I finally saw this show everybody was talking about. Its interesting how and why they insisted in calling it bullshit. To call these guys liar, fakes, frauds or anything resembling legal terms would constitute slander.

    "On the other hand if we were to call these litigious(sp) fucks, bullshit mother fuckers that they are" we would be fine. So according to Penn and Teller don't ever call any of these Mcdojo 'assholes' "frauds", you could be facing a libel lawsuit. Simply call these bullshit artist exactly what that and you should be fine.

    Go away I'm talking to myself

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    Hmm... "Ashida Kim, the SECOND Biggest Douce in the Universe!"

    Has a nice ring to it.

    Clap your hands everybody,
    if you got what it takes
    'Cause I'm Kurtis Blow
    and I want you to know
    that these are the breaks!
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    Nah... I nominate him for the first.

    Remember the time in the 6th grade where you got your ass-kicked by that 80-pound short-kid? Got BJJ?
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