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    I have a problem, I am a white belt in BJJ, I am 15, 5'8 and 121 lbs, All the other members of the school are full grown men, the shortest and lightest member of the school(there are only like 6 of us) and I can't tap anybody. I'm really good at defending submission but I can't tap anybody, I get tapped about once a class. What should I do?

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    First thing is to stop worrying about tapping anyone, just keep going and it will come.

    Being small you will be forced to use more technique, this will help you improve faster.

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    I agree; you need to change your focus from outcome to mastery, i.e. don't worry about tapping, but just concentrate on learning the entire style and techniques inside and out, and how to apply them properly; just work on that, and let the tapping take care of itself-- which it will; getting obsessed with control will just frustrate you, so you just have to relax and learn to "swim" with what works.
    Also if you can defend well, eventually the other guy will tire himself out; I worked so hard at defense that I actually had teenage girls tapping me because I literally wouldn't move a finger, so that I could learn defense without expending effort while they were climbing all over me.

    Likewise, the trick in grappling isn't about learning holds, so much as learning to apply them to a resisting person, while at the same time watching for their strategy and formulating your own counter-strategy to best take advantage of it.

    If you can get away getting tapped only about once per session, you're in good shape; I was 240 lbs and a nearly invincible wrestler, but I got tapped countless times per session at first since I NEVER relied on strength (even against those who did), and I didn't know the techniques. Once I learned the theory behind the techniques so well that I could practically apply them in my sleep, and innovate new techniques, it wasn't even a contest anymore.
    Also I NEVER wanted to work with people who were less experienced, since you learn nothing and they're more likely to injure you. If you're only getting tapped about once a class, then they're probably being fair; however if you think they're taking advantage of your size and lack of experience, then find another school ASAP.

    Finally, realize that when you enter that dojo, you agree to leave your own glorification outside; that's why there's no dishonor in tapping out. One of the main rules in JJ is "don't kill yourself trying to beat a certain opponent; if you cannot beat him, you cannot beat him."
    I'm about the least patient person there is, so I know what you're going through; if you start getting frustrated, spend more time alone working on the holds by yourself. It can take a long time, but once you have it down pat, you'll have an invicible arsenal of holds and moves that you can apply to your strategies.

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    >What should I do?

    Stop crying and do some pushups!!!

    >I am a white belt in BJJ

    Uhm do you expect to just walk in don a gi and then start tappin pple who have been doing it LONGER than you and have a physical advantage?

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    asia is right, do some push ups and pull ups.
    try putting more weight on keylocks, dont just push with your arms. work on getting flexible hips for the armbars from the guard.
    hope this helps

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    I actually had teenage girls tapping me ... so that I could learn defense without expending effort while they were climbing all over me.

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    Work the guard.

    You're small so, chances are, your going to be put on your back. The guard has a MASSIVE amount of submissions and reversals. Against much larger guys practice keeping them within your guard. Make them WORK to escape, thats how opportunities for submissions and sweeps come about.
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    I have the same problem, can only tap begginers ;/

    Need to work on everything, espcially ground game.

    good advice.
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    Push-ups? Pull ups? hmmm sounds like a lot of muscle building if you ask me. I don't thing Helio would smile at such training methods. Of course you're going to tap anybody in the beginning. Wake up to reality. You might go a whole year before you tap anybody. When you do though it'll be worth it. You should be proud that you can fight off the submission and build your confidence off that.

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    Push-ups? Pull ups? hmmm sounds like a lot of muscle building if you ask me. I don't thing Helio would smile at such training methods.
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