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    Found the answer to the spray! It's utter bs. Turns out the HGH is too large to be absorbed under the tongue through a spray. As for regular HGH is the real stuff only injectable and what are the side effects?

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    I have used Sytropin for 5 months, it helped cut my body fat by 5+% may be just a fluke. The wife took it too it made her stark raving mad. She turnned into a total terror for the week she was on it. I think it helps me. I spray it before my class and the results may very well be psychosomatic but I payed for it; might as well finish.

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    Personally a good diet and sometimes vitamin suplements, along with working out seems to do the best, I can really feel like crap if I don't work out at least every other day(I have been doing just stretches for a while, and running at least once a week, until I can start BJJ/MMA training).

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    i got a free bottle as a sample once of homeopathic HGh, and i didn't notice anything at all.

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    Human Growth Hormone -
    Essential hormone for growth pf all tissues. Slowly rising until your 25th birthday to than fall down to lower levels over the years.
    Peak GH secretory activity occurs within an hour after the onset of deep sleep. Exercise, physical activity, trauma and sepsis are associated with increased GH secretion. With exercise, for example, serum GH concentrations may increase to 20 to 30 ng/mL

    Most of it's peripheral activities are mediated by insulin like growth factor 1. ( IGF1)
    GH get's released by Growth Hormone releasing Hormone. (!)
    IGF1 has a negative feedback on GHRH.
    ( IGF1 is dependent on Tyrosine - that's why clever supplement producer sell you their pills. Trials have been shown taht it doesn't work)
    Growth hormone excess is called acromegaly, usually due to growth hormone producing tumours in your pituitary gland. ( Neurosurgeons can remove it by operating through your nose, pretty cool, eh?)
    Growth hormone excess influences many tissues.Bones, muscles, your heart, etc.
    It can also give you diabetes ( due to some interdependent feeback with your pancreas)
    And enlargement and failure of your heart.And tendon problems. And so on.

    The influence on your bones can nicely been seen in all those 100m sprinters , who in their mid twenties all of a sudden need bracelets, because of the jaw widening effect ...)

    Amercian retirees buy it as a wonderdrug, to rejunevate their ailing bodies.

    Here is my advice : Don't **** around with your hormones.

    How can you use your own physiological production of growth hormone to better effect:

    Get plenty of sleep, before midnight ( due to the pulsatile release from the pituitary gland )
    Some people recommend a protein shake last thing before you go to bed, to better use it's anabolic effect, I am not sure if that is true.

    P.S. Homeopathy: = Bullshit.

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