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    stupid japanese kamikaze bastard .....go put some wasabi on your stump and go jump in a plane and dive into tokyo....go assramm godzilla......i am the only mr. are the true kamikazi bastard who needs to get bombed again......we will take all the hondas in our keep the toyota camry and the crew....especially suzuki.....i know you are proud of ichiro in the mlb but in truth he is nothing more than a kamizaki bastard that wants to get assrammed by godzillla

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    Hey, anyone see the trailer for the new Jackie Chan flick (the western one)? Is it just me, or is his sidekick guy the dude who played the blond Cobra Kai antagonist? I though that was pretty funny. Where the hell has this guy been? And how the hell did he get in a Jackie Chan flick?
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