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    WMACF...update!!!! (and Followers of the Khuli, too)

    You all remember this site, right?


    Those of you in Canada would do well to check it out and maybe bring a video camera.

    Anyway, since I last posted about this, there's been a small update on the site...

    If you want to join, email us by clicking on the "Email Us" icon below. In the email, indicate that you want to join a tournament, we will mail you an aplication form for the earliest tournament to come. Please fill it out and email it back, or you may print out the application form and send it by mail to the address below. You may pay your entry fee when you reach the tournament site. We now have MSN so you can add [email protected] to your msn list.

    Mail to:
    75 O'brien
    P.O. Box 955
    South Porcupine, ON, P0N1H0

    Tournament Site
    The tournament will be held at a martial arts ring just a 15 minute drive from Timmins Ontario, Canada, down stringers road. The ring will be built in the summer of 2004. Remember, The next tournament is April 16th 2005. That may seem like a long time from now, but if you don't join now you might not be able to at all. We can only have a max of 128 people who want to participate. Everyone who wishes to participate must meet in the Timmins Transit loby by 11:00 A.M. on April 16th 2005. You will then be brought, by bus, to the tournament site and showed to your cabins where you will be sleeping if the tournament last more then a day. Once showed to your rooms, you will have 30 minutes to change into the outfit of your choosing and meet in the middle of the ring to get your tournament numbers chosen. If you are uncomfortable with sleeping in a cabin with others(4 people per room), you are more then welcome to bring your own tent or other stuff.
    So, yeah. It is my sincere hope and dream that some of you Canadian bullshidoka go there and take photos/video for us.

    The other "update" is a link that appeared in the guestbook:


    Warriors of the Khuli

    Okay so me and FollowerKhuli have been trying to come up with a method to use energy constantly through out your day but at the same time train and FollowerKhuli came up with a great idea to use the same method in Weighted training with energy

    So he asked me to help him with managing the energy to do such a thing and so one day i was sitting in my room and i had some energy in my hands just playing with it and i made a fist and put the energy in my fingers and palm and when i let my fist go it felt like i couldn't move it out of the position it was almost like it was being pulled into the fist and suddenly i thought of it: You know that feeling where you hold your fist around something and grasp it tightly for a good ammount of time (try a 1 minute or so) and then try to pull your hand out of a fist or crippled position it feels like you cant pull out of it right? well that method applys directly with your energy if you focus that energy and pull it together tightly then strech out your hands physically you will pull your energy with your hands and you will feel as if you cannot move your hands out of that fist position keep that going constantly as long as you can this will cause almost a burning sensation in your hands almost as if your working muscle out

    (this method is still in its learning stages new methods will come as myself and FollowerKhuli work with our energy)

    Stop by their introductions board and introduce yourself:

    Hey there Follower of the Khuli!

    Saw the link to your forum on your AP sig and thought I'd sign up and say hi.

    Cool new forum btw. When did you start it? An exact time date and location would be good as then I could cast the foundation chart for this forum and see what it's astrological potential and parameters are. Pretty damn strong would be my guess...

    For the rest of you reading this I, Kenshin Oazaki (first name Oazaki), am the Stratigos (means "strategist" and is the head post) of The Zhedhi Order, a revolutionary order founded for the purpose of overthrowing the established repressive, unjust, freedom-restricting systems prevelant in this world, and indeed in the creation as a whole. You can find out more about us through a simple google, or ask and I'll post some links. Between us me and Follower of the Khuli are planning on making Khuli the main martial art within The Zhedhi Order.

    anyway, all the best all,

    And, for those of you who haven't visited the WMACF website before when it was brought up earlier on this forum, just look here: http://wmacf.20megsfree.com/custom2.html

    Introduction to Ki
    Ki also known as Chi is the energy in our souls, our life force. All living creatures, even plants need this energy to survive. This energy is stored in your Tan Tien, which is located 2 1/2 inches below the Navel and 3 inches inward. Ki flows through you at all times! Ki is invisible to the naked eye. You can see it with infa red cameras and sertain techniques allow you to see it and sence it. This page and other pages we have will teach you how to manipulate Ki. If you begin feeling sick during these techniques, discontinue doing them until you are better. DO NOT preform any of these techniques if you are sick, pregnant, or on any kind of drug. Ki is only pur positive energy and cannot be preformed for evil porposes without turning into Karma. Ki will not damage yourse nor or opponents body. It will only effect their life force. Jing is a more solid form of Ki and effects both the body and soul. ALL TECHINQUES MUST BE USED WITH CAUTION!! SOMEONE COULD GET REALLY HURT OR EVEN DIE! One more thing you might want to no is Mana, also known as Gia. This is the Earth's life force. It is in the Earth, fire, the wind, and the water. It can be collected by using certain power up techniques. If you wish to submit a Ki technique, please email us. The world's best Ki master lives in Taiwan. It has been proven by him and scientists that Ki does exist. We do not own any proof, nor do we have permission to use other's.

    ::Ki Levitation::
    Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Visualize a gigantic ball of Ki in your tan tien. Flatten this Ki ball into a disc with visualization and will power. Bring it down to your feet and just outside your body, but below your feet, like the floor. Visualize this Ki disc turning solid into a plate or a piece of wood. Visualize it lifting up and lifting you up with it. This technique takes a lot of time to master. It may even take more than a year, so please be patient. The more you practice, the higher you will go. To get down, just visualize the plate/wood lowering slowly down again. Warning: Do not go too high, as you might fall off and serverely injure yourself. I'm telling you this for your own good.

    ::Dark Lightning Crusher Ball::
    First, spread your legs shoulder width apart and put your hands in front of your face. Position your hands so that all the fingers are touching the tips, your dominant hand above the other. Instead of making a ki ball, make a mana ball between your hands. Try to get it as strong as you can. When you have a pretty strong mana ball, add in some negative engergy to it. Once you have a nice and powerful mana negative ball, add electicty to it. You have to be well versed in electrokinesis to use this attack. The ball should start to vibrate, as you keep adding mana and negative energy, but if it doesn't, it's still ok. Once you feel it is ready, tighten your mucles to add the last bit of dark energy to it, let your hands drift apart about an inch then snap your wrists and send the ball flying towards the opponent.
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    Holy ****...

    Are these the folks who held the Kumite where Frank Dux became a legend in his own mind?


    In this tournament there are not a lot of rules:
    -Allowed using wepons, but guns and cutting weapons are restricted! Acceptable weapons would be staffs and simular weaponary
    -Anyone may use any style of Martial Arts.
    -It's FULL CONTACT, so be prepared for the worst.
    -If you fall out of the ring, you lose.
    -You can only win the match if your opponent get's knocked out, gives up or if he is out of the ring.
    -If you win the tournament you get the raised money which is usually around 250-400 dollars, the WMACF belt and a trophy. The winner will also get to co-star in a martial arts movie that this federation will be making.
    -Second place recieves a medal.
    -If you won the belt one year, but lost the tournament the next, you must present the belt to the new winner. you may keep all money and trophies that you won.
    -You must be 13 or older to be able to participate.
    -If you break the rules you are automatically disqualified.
    Hmmm, [sic] "wepons" are allowed, but not guns or cutting weapons...so, under strict letter of the law, I could bring, say, anti-personnel mines and grenades? What about bow and arrows? Technically, arrows pierce, not cut. Perhaps a claw-hammer? Maybe a tire iron? What about a big fucking Rottweiler? Hell, maybe I can get Sigfried & Roy's tiger? And I can only win if my opponent is knocked out, gives up or is out of the ring? So if I kill him, is that a DQ? What if I dump his body out of the ring, then do I win? So many questions...
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