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    Try Sifu Yap Leong. He is the real deal!

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    i fully recommend trying, better yet, becoming proficient at Wing Chun. I have been taking it 2.5 years (I'm in Canada so can't help you with any British locations) and I am really amazed by what I've learned. At the surface it seems "simple" but the complexities manifest at a deeper level.

    Physically your hand speed really developes and you can just become stifling to your opponent.

    Go Wing Chun, train hard, explore new ideas.

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    Wing chun is really good if you mix it with boxing. You could kick some serious ass with it. The bad thing about wing chun is all those crappy teachers out there. Its hard finding a good teacher.
    Bak Mei (white eyebrow) is another good style but its somewhat a close door art still.

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