Okay, mission accomplished. Got my uncle to enroll my cousins in a Judo school.

Seems he was enthralled by the "Principles of Aikido" and how training is supposed to be on 2 levels: physical and mental.

So I told him that his kids are well... kids. And they don't need the Aikido philo about oneness with the universe and ****. What they need is the mentality to:

1) Take tough training
2) Accept loss
3) Overcome loss
4) Have the desire to win and be the best

And Judo achieves this through tough training, "realistic" randori and the many competition opportunities it offers. That kinda won him over. I guess the principles I listed are more inclined to a Sports approach but what the heck, Judo here is more of a sport nowadays. Whatever works man.

Violence to the young, peace for the whiney old men.