Dare I venture in here with traditional excersize suggestions?

Of couse. Two things you can do which are pretty simple is, number one, push ups on your finger tips. Eventually graduating to elevated fingertip push ups, to one handed fingertip push ups.

There are so many different types of push ups that can be modified to do on your fingertips I'll let you sort em out.

Also, You can get two bricks. put them vertical || like so, and grab them. So if your right handed, your thumb would be here o|| and your four other fingers on the other side (in this case... two... bare with me) o||8.

So standing there holding two looking, from behind you would look like

8||o o||8

Now hold your arms straight out, and rotate them as fast as you can and as controlled as you can so that your thumbs go from facing the cieling to facing the ground. Back and forth fairly quick.

Repeat for however long it takes until you want to cut your hands off.