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    Quote Originally Posted by j416to
    Naginata-do is a modern kendo-like sport fencing. They duct tape a thin curved piece of bamboo to the end of a long oak dowel, and then spar with kendo armor and skin protectors. That's what they're suppose to be doing at the Toronto JCC, except that the person leading the naginata-do classes doesn't have a black belt, so all they've been doing for the past year is drills, no sparring, just drills.
    There are more female than male taking up naginata-do,so it is a good way to hook up to japanese babe.
    "People think that judo is only unarmed combat - but you are never unarmed when you can hit someone with a planet. "
    - Uncyclopedia entry on Judo

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    JCC? I thought you meant the Jewish Community Center! lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IzzyDaHedgehog
    Are these Japanese Cultural Center things a chain? ....
    They're not commercial chains, but rather community centers that were organized in various cities across North American, by Japanese-Americans and Japanese-Canadians. They were built after WWII, to preserve what was left of their culture, a culture that was a mix of Japanese immigants and their North American born children.

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    Ok, I just came back.....oh man.

    Judo was actually a JJJ seminar. Emphasis on those "SD" tactics. There was a cute japanese girl.

    Ninjutsu...what a fucking disgrace that was. First off, those guys started about half an hour late. The cast composed of the following:

    - 2 geeks you used to lock into lockers in HS
    - 1 enthusiastic fat guy
    - 1 a freakishly tall goth guy with an ugly goth gf
    - 1 black guy from a '70s blaxploitation movie
    - 1 Mid-age white guy sensei

    Together they look like a bunch of guys who play D&D together in the white guy's parent's basement. I think they just started this MA (& I use this term loosely) and made **** up as they went along. Throughout the seminar, they even asked for volunteers to defend themselves after being shown 5 minutes of these techniques. yes folks, learning ninjutsu is that easy to learn.

    They for some ungodly reason trained using weapons like naginatas, katanas, bos, knives, and this half-sai. They surround one guy and one guy would just do BS techniques that even the RBSD guys would laugh at. Even if I carried a naginata wherever I went and was suddenly found myself in a pentagon of katana wielding attackers, I wouldn't be able to defend myself after training with these guys.

    Their session was only 1 and a half hours long. At this point, they've used up 45 mins which includes starting late. So, they take a break. These guys take their wooden knives, holster it behind their belts, and walk to the food area. The break was supposed to be 15 mins. I guess they took 15 minutes in ninja time, but our time was half an hour. When they finally started again, they did some unarmed crap. More made up moves plus a useless "submission hold" was applied. They asked for some volunteers to execute these moves. We left after this. However, this one girl had a pretty nice ass so I video taped some shots of it. I don't know how long they went for, but I had to leave because it was already past the hour and a half.

    The highlight of the whole thing was that feeling that I probably have the runs after eating some of the food. For an hour and a half seminar, I have 20 mins worth of crappy video. I'll bring it out on the Throwdown for all to laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liuzg150181
    There are more female than male taking up naginata-do,so it is a good way to hook up to japanese babe.
    I must look into this... I need to make use of my new-found cauli ear as a Japantang attractor.

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    I used to live near there, across from the Ontario Science Centre actually, the ghetto....
    Ain't thar be another JCC in Scarlem?
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