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    I believe everyone should supplimant their training with reading, research, attending seminars and watching videos. The best teachers in the world may not live in your area but they might have a few tapes and books you can learn a lot from. Joe Lewis just started a new tape series for people who want to train beyond the dojo or can't find a decent school in their area.

    But yea, you have people offering you guarantees of mastery and rank. For $300 you can be a master ninja! That's pretty shady. But what do you expect? You know you can't trust ninja. They are tricky.

    my kung fu eeeeeees better than yours!

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    At least there is no levitation manual.
    That's covered in the Chi Power book page 4, paragraph 2, in the third sentence. No big deal really, you just have to . . . oops, sorry. I promised not to tell. Geez, I almost messed up my chance to hop on the William Cheung Mother ship for the trip to the Nirvana like planet of KungFuLaLa.

    Excuse me while I go ChunChoi, its part of my pennance.

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