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Thread: thicken wrist

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    chop wood or swing a sledge hammer. My old hockey coach was about 5' 9" 160 lbs or so and the guy had these huge meat hooks and he claimed it was from chopping wood back home in Canada, like a previous poster stated your bone density will increase with increased exercise, but it takes time.

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    i have very manly hands, sorry poopy... If you lift weights the added pressure on your joins will gradually make them wider, this is evident because my left index finger has wider joints than my right, which suggests added pressure widens them
    I don't have especially manly hands and I'm the same as you, though the right hand is my main hand (tighter tendons) and definately stronger than the left (which has wider tendons) in MOST lifts/movements.

    I wouldn't say I'm the norm, but that's my experience.

    When speaking of ergonomics, left-handed masturbation is for symmetry's sake. It's hard, but it's masturbation, as long as protein intake is satisfactory, it should be 50/50 in my mastubatory opinion (IMMO.)

    For fast results work the push/pull. Activities like climbing ropes or breaking flotsam with sledgehammers are equally good. Doing pull-ups along with dips and other compound lifts are also good. Hitting the heavybag, then dominating the clinch in Muay Thai is also a good example. The major factor is that you have PUSH & PULL fairly consistently, that will increase wrist size over time.
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