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    You gotta admit that I still have the ability to turn almost any thread into a shitstorm......
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    Yes, but do you have the ability to tell us what happened to the mcdojo awards?

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    Alas, in that respect I am a mere whitebelt....
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    Alter7nate could easily beat Peedee in a trolling contest; All of his BJJ troll-jitsu skills were stolen from Alter7nate's Kosen troll style.

    Seriously, I think he's a threat (mostly to his own populace), and in fact, so do some of his people, which is why they want to rebel. When they rebel, we would be just in supporting them, but if there is not enough desire for independence and we pre-emptively wipe him off the face of the Earth, we would not be justified.

    After the Gulf War, we should have supported the insurgents who wanted Saddam removed instead of letting them be slaughtered. The only reason they rose up was because they expected they would have George Bush's support, but George Bush doesn't do anything that won't put money in his pockets and in the pockets of the people that pay him (such as the defense of Kuwait), and so men die that could have lived.

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    war is always about resources. the U.S uses a vast amount of petroleum. both american and iraqi people will die so our SUV fleet can be fueled cheaply. all the bull about protecting other countries, or saddam's link to bin laden or whatever they dream up next is mere misdirection. sad to see such tactics suceed as evidenced by some of these posts.

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    An 80 year old Veteran, who was in the Korean War
    and World War II gave a little history lesson and his thoughts today on War.

    It is a different look at the War.
    Thoughts to think about:

    I'm not going to get into a history lesson. The
    short, short version is that the League of Nations (established after WW I to prevent wars) failed to stop Mussolini's Italy from invading and conquering Ethiopia. It failed to
    stop Japan from invading and conquering Manchuria and much of China. Their
    committees wrung their hands spoke in platitudes but did absolutely nothing to stop war.
    At France's coaxing Britain's prime minister Nevil
    Chamberlain met with Adolph Hitler in Munich and surrendered the Sudetenland to Nazi Germany in
    the interest of "peace in our time." The French and British watched as Germany took Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.
    They all had committee meetings and wrung their hands and talked of peace. World War II erupted when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. Britain had a mutual defense treaty with Poland so they couldn't escape. They declared war on Germany. Germany had a mutual defense treaty with
    Japan so Japan declared war on Britain. France wet their pants and surrendered to Germany as fast
    as they could and gleefully shipped all the Jews
    they could find to death camps in Germany to prove to Adolph that they really were on the side of Germany.
    Japan attacked the United States and, because of
    Japan's mutual defense treaty with Germany, Germany declared war on the United States.
    Up until December 7th and the Japanese attack on
    Pearl Harbor, a large number of our people were wringing their hands and saying, "Appease Hitler.
    He is really a good guy who just needed a little
    more land for his expanding population. The dear man just wants peace. And World War II was in full
    swing leaving better than 50,000,000 people dead
    including about 450,000 American soldiers and sailors. Three cheers for the League of Nations!

    After World War II it was decided to do the whole
    thing all over again.
    This time we would call it the United Nations and we will have committee meetings and hand wringing parties and make sure peace prevails throughout
    the land. While that august body wrung hands the Soviet Union split Germany, invaded Poland and Yugoslavia, Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria
    along with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The peaceful world saw Korea with 37,000 American
    soldiers killed, over 1,000,000 South Korean
    soldiers and civilians killed and the country nearly destroyed. Since then we have had over 50,000 American soldiers killed in Vietnam and
    have fought wars in Somalia, Herzegovenia, Panama,
    Granada,plus the Gulf War when Iraq invaded Kuwait. We should have gone into Baghdad and taken out that evil regime then but the
    United Nations would have no part of that. All they would allow was for us to chase the Iraqis out of Kuwait, then peace would prevail.
    Now, here we are with Saddam violating all 17 United Nations resolutions while he has massed poison gas and bio weapons. He is frantically trying to develop a nuke and his buddy, Kim Jong-Il of North Korea may give him a few. (It was the United Nations who prevented us from taking North Korea when the war was hot and we had the means to do it.) Peace!!!!!!!! Sure.
    France is wetting their collective pants in fear
    that the United States will take Saddam out and along with him, France's 60 billion dollar contracts with Iraq. Russia hedges because Iraq owes them 6 billion dollars that they sorely need.
    In answer to your question....... hell yes we should go to war with Iraq. We
    should have done it six months ago. We should also
    get out of the United Nations. Can you believe that the United Nations has appointed Iraq and
    Syria to head up the United Nations Disarmament
    Committee? Can you believe they have appointed Libya to head up the Human Rights Committee?

    All three of these countries are on the UN List of
    Terrorist States..........Absolutely unbelievable.

    Just don't get me going. Throughout recorded history the only time peace has prevailed is when the good guys have militarily whipped the bad guys. Who are our best friends in the world? Japan because we whipped them. Germany
    because we whipped them. Italy because we whipped
    them. Britain because we whipped them.
    This is one opinion, on the War but this is the
    eyes, ears and heart of an American Veteran...

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