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    judo, what happened to you, man, you used to be cool

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    While living in Mongolia I played judo at their national sports hall, with their national team members. Mongols approach to Judo is very Russian (which makes sense considering their political history.) Without getting into specific techniques I found the main difference to be the way judo is practiced and the philosophy surrounding the techniques themselves. The Russians approach sport from a very scientific standpoint. Mostly the angles of attack, grips, and the inclusion some variety of "wrestling style," (from a variety of Central Asian wrestlng styles,) takedowns are the major points of difference.

    After my time there my judo is now considered to be more of a "Russian" variety. I learned a lot in regards to breaking technique down and methods of drilling. I would be happy to go into specifics if anyone is interested contact me directly.\

    On a side note...any of the Ippon Masterclass series is worth getting.

    Aaron Fields

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