Does anyone have experience with Dr. (of chiropractic :)) Darrin Pordash and the Cleveland-based World Sambo Federation? Specifically, does anyone have any experience with a) being "chartered" by the WSF or b) encountering any schools or students of schools that the WSF has "chartered"?

Keep in mind that I know very little about the sambo "scene" -- the extent of my sambo experience is some leglocks and a vague fear of Russians. From the presentation I've seen of Pordash's credentials, I don't see any of the usual warning signs like delusions of grandeur, weird claims, outlandish prices, etc. It all seems pretty sane. I just need to know if anyone knows anything about him or his operation. I have no doubt that if he's one of Gokor's senior students, he can kick some ass. I'm mainly curious about the affiliation process.

The basic setup seems to be that a school can host a seminar, get one or more instructors certified, and then teach under the WSF umbrella, issue belts using WSF syllabus and criteria, etc. The "red belt" instructors -- which I guess are like coaches -- are required to purchase some videos. The seminars and videos seem reasonably priced.

Is this sort of thing normal in the sambo community? In the martial arts community at large? I really don't know anything about the affiliation process, as we're not affiliated with any of the BJJ "corps."

I'm not suggesting that this organization is in any way a McDojo. I just assumed that people here would be knowledgeable about this sort of thing. :)

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