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    >>Is there risk involved?

    Master Han teaches using non-contact methods that emphasize self-control. There is little danger of serious injury if the Master's instructions are followed.

    >>How are classes taught?

    Each class starts with a warm-up period followed by a review and reinforcement of the basics. Then the Hyung (patterns) are performed under the watchful eye of the Master. Instruction follows in various aspects of Tae Kwon-Do using traditional techniques that enable the student to focus on weak areas that need improvemement. Also stressed are self-defense techniques that can be called upon in real-life situations. Non-contact free sparring enables the student to tie all the techniques together until they become instinctive. Senior belts sometimes help the junior belts, benefiting both in a relationship that reinforces respect toward rank and humility in teaching.

    As if that's not bad enough, look at the requirements for Testing...
    "Students of higher rank will be required to have more knowledge and demonstrate greater skill than those of lower rank." ...what a concept!

    Here's a tip-off...click to the "galleries"...


    Emilio Quezada, Master Han's youngest student to test for black belt. Emilio was 5 years old at the time of his first dan test on August 7, 1999.


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    You should write an article on that piece of crap.

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    I think I will, it's in the works.


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