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    Ritchie has it. He is complaining that the fight was stopped due to the follow-up punches that were thrown after he had been knocked (slightly) outside of the ropes. He is indeed claiming that those were "illegal" punches and that the fight should have been stopped with some type of warning/deduction to Dias and restarted in the ring. Of course, he claims the kick didn't hurt him (not the punches either, incidentally), even though you can clearly see he is staggered and wobbly after he stands up.

    It's funny. I mean, this was not a guy who jumped up screaming mad about being robbed like Royce Gracie after the first Yoshida fight! He was obviously out of it and DONE. The stoppage might have been a tad early, but all it did was save Lee a beating and possible injury.

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    This was sent before the last one I posted, but seems to provide some additional insight *ahem* into Lee's "thinking". My emphasis added...

    WORDS TO BE SPOKEN...The mind of a fighter!

    "If Dias had known what I was wrestling with at home he would have
    known my weakness...and he would have gone in for the kill, instead
    my well kept emotional trama...promoted precaution in Dias and it
    gave me the advantage that I needed for the fight!"

    After reviewing my fight plan in the hotel with my corner...we left
    the hotel and headed for Club Lido............ At approximately 7:55 we
    entered Club Lido and we were directed to the dressing room. Just
    minutes later all of the fighters were called to the ring to stand for
    the National Anthem. At that body was light and loose
    and my focus was strong on my fight plan. Seeing I'd like a rematch
    in an impartial state to us both...I refuse to inform what my game
    plan is.

    In spite of the illegal knee strike that Dias threw toward my head...
    I must give him respect for getting in the ring to fight an unknown
    fighter. I know the BoneYard Team much better than they expect. It
    was instrumental when I accepted the invintation to fight Dias. First
    I wanted opportunity to fight Littlefield if he had accepted...but Dias
    was my number two choice. I'm glad that Massachusettes is but a
    Rinky Dink of a place in the world fighting arena.......I had no real
    concern to ever fight there in my plan to gain favor to enter the
    ...Knowing that a fighter is only as good as their last fight...I am
    searching to fight fighters that ranking higher than the pound for
    pound fighters at the BoneYard in Massachusettes.

    I realize that if I fight and defeat someone that can easily handle
    anyone from the BoneYard in my weight class that I will kill two
    birds with one stone... or as some would say "a double or nothing
    deal!" When I mention "Defeat" I mean to win by submission or by
    knock out! Wins gained by stoppage or by TKO are not what we call
    an actual win
    ...seeing there is the element of doubt. If someone is
    clearly outside the ropes especially when defying the ineffective
    strikes of another fighter and the referee does not stop the fight
    in order "To position both fighters inside the ropes" there is more
    than doubt at hand...there is foulplay at hand.
    Someone has to
    answer to this within the world it's not to be hid away
    from the rest of the world in a small town in Massachusettes. We
    all need fair treatment.......and a home video reveals that I did not
    recieve fair treatment.

    A man named Bruce Marshall had my word that I'd fight and no
    matter what happened...I fought! My decision to entered the ring
    was based on two things. 1. I wanted to make good my promise to
    Bruce Marshall and 2. I knew that Dias wasn't as good a fighter as
    others thought that he was. Honestly, without doubt in my mind if
    I had entered the ring with any of the people that I train with I
    would have had a loss by submission within 2 minutes. Yet, I will
    never tap out on a submission which my training team has said
    may cost me a broken bone someday. I've been laid up for 1-2
    weeks before due to my delay with tap outs.

    I had two advantages when I entered the ring to fight. 1. Dias was
    not awear of my emotional trama and 2. I knew that Dias couldn't
    do much damage to me. Obviously, this Giant drove home to New
    York approximately 1-2 hours after the fight and go home to meet
    his friends and began his mourning with them. I was strong in my
    support for my step daughters mom Martha and her family. I was
    by Martha side during the News BroadCast Interview and for the
    entire wake and furneral... I carried Liza with 5 other friends and
    we put her body to rest. I attended every trip to the home where
    the murder took place and I was at the investigation meeting. It
    took me approximately 10 days to gain my mental and emotional
    focus. The most of the situation has been understood and accepted
    as to gain and settle with the facts of the murder. Yet, there is
    still more to be handled with the estate. I did not expect that this
    would come upon me a few hours before my fight...and likewise I
    don't even believe that I brought myself to the ring and I did fight
    a fight that was without was sheer instinct!

    Holding back the walls of emotional trama was beyond my grasp
    as the emotional pain seeped into my soul. My body became heavy
    as if I was wearing a concrete cast. It felt as if I had concrete
    blocks strapped to my arms and legs. My focus on my fight plan
    had diminished...and I felt the urge to go home. I struggled to wait
    it out. When my time came to enter the ring to fight I forced myself
    to go through with it. With my body as stiff as a tree...I went into
    the ring. There was no one there to stop me. Someone should have
    asked me if there was any recent emotional trama in my life that
    is effecting my ability to fight?
    If I had a glass jaw or a feeble body
    I could have been hurt! May no mistake, I should have never been
    allowed to enter that ring seeing my surrounding circumstances
    have placed me in a volnerable position. In reality, The State Boxing
    commission should protect fighters from such situations. My safty
    was at risk! I passed my weigh-in, my license was in order and my
    physical was approved.......but no one asked me how I was feeling
    mentally and emotionally! It appears that this issue needs to be
    addressed by the rightful persons. Fighters need to be protected
    by the Public Safty Commission. If the fight was stopped when I was
    outside the ropes...defying the uneffective strikes of Dias why wasn't
    anyone concerned about my mental and emotional condition before
    I proved that Dias didn't have the power to knock me out......even
    when I was under such emotional trama??? Being told that you don't
    the power to knock someone out...isn't saying that the person isn't
    a good's simply the expression of an actual reality...which
    was caught on home video. Everyone here in New York has nothing
    negative to say about Bobby Dias...if fact we all have learned to like
    him seeing he had the balls to get in the ring to fight a complete
    stranger. None of us like the illegal knee strike that he threw to my
    head...but we all realize that he was frustrated because he couldn't
    do much with me to gain the victory. To see his relief when the fight
    was stopped tells the whole story. We're not a bunch of kiddies here
    we are adult New Yorkers! The stoppage didn't cost us anything
    seeing we all won our bets becaused they were based on the fact
    that Dias didn't have the power to knock me out. None of us knew
    that I was going to recieve a damaging blow to my emotions...and I
    still ate every strike that Dias landed. Honor is everything...wrongful
    stoppage to be given a victory is dishonoring. Here in New York when
    a fighter is outside the ropes we immediately stop the fight and we
    place both fighters in the assumed postions and we then allow them
    to continue the fight. As I was eating threw those uneffective punches
    I proceeded to get I was on the outside of the ropes. When I
    knew that the referee gave Dias the win...I took my mouth piece out
    and I went under the ropes back into the ring. I was so disappointed
    I couldn't shakes Dias' hand. Lets face it I was emotional tramatized
    and half out of it...but don't handle me unfairly! I deserve a rematch
    in an impartial state or we will all live with the reality the is present
    in the videos. There is more trouble with the fight than I will say until
    we have everything in I don't make an asinine statement.

    Altogether, I respect Dias for having the balls to get in the ring with
    me. If things at home where stress free I would have shown to all of
    you unbelievers my ability to execute vintage Lee fighting. I have many
    doubts with the Massachusettes Public Safty Commission so I refuse to
    fight in Massachusettes. Dias and I have produced a video that us here
    in New York will be humored with for many years to come. And, No I
    have not been killed. I'm alive and well...Yes, stronger because I went
    threw the experiences of fighting when I had thought that I was unable
    to function. Thats what makes the videos so rewarding. Try standing
    in my shoes. What would you have done? Would you have went home
    or get in the ring and fight? Believe's sheer heart to enter the
    ring to fight when all of your senses are failing you. My faith in God
    is everything to me. He takes good care of me even when my world
    is turned upside down...the videos have proven that to me. Here in
    New York...we love Bobby Dais for fighting like a man...and for help
    producing Americas Most Funniest Home Videos!

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    Ah okay, so before he complained that he was being robbed, he complained that no one tried to keep him from fighting in the first place! He could have frigging SAID SOMETHING if he didn't feel in the shape for fighting, how's that for a plan? And if the story about his stepdaughter is true (big IF here), that would have been perfectly acceptable.

    But at least he respects the opponent who whooped his ass "for having the balls to get in the ring with me"...
    There are no wrong threats, only wrong answers. (Strategy game truism)

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    by Martha side during the News BroadCast Interview and for the
    entire wake and furneral... I carried Liza with 5 other friends and
    we put her body to rest.
    There is a fairly high-profile case in Albany about a Liza Warner that was shot by her estranged husband Russ and has a mother, Martha. There is no mention in any of the news stories I can find of a Warren Mayone. Could be true, or it could be that he just picked names out of a murder case that is in the news. Who knows?

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    Who knows... the murder took place Friday night... would it take the police until Saturday afternnon to inform the stepfather?
    There are no wrong threats, only wrong answers. (Strategy game truism)

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    This link about that murder mentions her Father not step-father named Doug.

    However his timetable seems right this article sayse the police informed the mother on Saturday morning.

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    Dr Laura,
    I have a bad case of denial... you see I got my ass kicked by a little guy who kicked me in the head , took me to the mat knee'd the hell outta me and they stopped the fight before I had real damage done to me for my any good referee who is supposed to be concerned about a fighters well being would have......

    now I have to live with my loss..what should I do......How should I cry to regain my honor....

    Well Giant,
    I suggest actually training for the fight, quit making excuses for getting your ass kicked train harder against real opponents by real trainers and get a rematch and last more than 2 minutes next time.....maybe even win if thats possible....

    what a maroon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beatdown Richie

    But at least he respects the opponent who whooped his ass "for having the balls to get in the ring with me"...
    no, he doesn't. giant's email was posted on sssfightings dicussion boards, so i dropped him a note saying "nice fight, very entertaining." nothing more. that prompted 2 seperate email's from him, the first:

    Thats what the local law makers said...especially when Dias was helped down the ring steps as blood was running from his forehead and his!
    the second:

    Tramatized men enter the ring by means of "Heart" not caring if their body isn't with
    the learn what real men are...fool! Ya...Dias threw a cowardly knee to my head...When I had his head in my hand the thought came to my mind...but only
    a you know would do such a thing. I'm lucky that I was able to make it into the even attempt to fight...goof ball!

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    Are knees to the head illegal in Mass MMA?

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    Yes, knee's to the head are illegal in MASS where everything is overregulated.
    I didn't see Dias knee him.
    Lee can't accept that he's not as tough as he thought.He trying desperatly to keep his self-image intact.
    But there is talk that he is fighting again in december.
    So there's really no point in him bothering to reconstruct his masculine self image, when it is gonna get destroyed again in about 6 weeks.
    Apparently he's a nutty fitness fanatic who took to watching the MMA tapes at the video store where he works, and he developed this fantasy that MMA fighters are often not in shape BECAUSE they train, but rather that because they are in shape, they are good fighters and incidently train.
    This backwards connection convinced Lee that he could fight.He took on the persona "Giant Lee" because his saw his body as like a big Bruce Lee.
    Slowly he lost touch.A line between Warren and Lee developed.
    He took to wearing a pin-wheel hat and roller skating through Central Park after dark cackling hysterically and shouting revolutionary slogans.

    Anyways, it seems this reality he speaks of didn't equal his dreams.
    Lee-Dias was like Ettish-Rhodes.
    It's a sad thing to see someone get hit for the first time when he's in a ring in front of a paying crowd.
    But it is sadder to know that he learned nothing, and that he is crazy enough to try it again.
    Whoever he fights in December.He will get run right over.
    I hope he finds a new hobby before he gets hurt very badly.
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