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    I only think about Bruce Lee like once a year or so .. he's not my hero. I'm just saying that these people say he did whatever. Take it how you want. *shrug*

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    9chambers, that was an interesting link to the Wong Jack Man fight. Thank you. My uncle Bob was a multi system bb under Wally Jay and knew Bruce, who'd do demos at their Judo team's (tournament expense) fund raising luaus. He related a story to me about a Japanese karate sensei who fought Lee in a challenge match in Washington, but it just more hear say. He did see a 250 lb judoka challenge Lee's one inch punch and said that the when the guy got back up he was very impressed.
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    Yea, Wong's side of the story isn't heard a lot. Someone posted a link to that page on here a long time ago. It's interesting to read what the other guy says happened.

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