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    MM4Guy-"BTW, the knee to the leg is one of the most viscious things in Thai Boxing. When you hit the right spot, your opponent can barely move their leg."
    True. I was kneed there once accidentally I could "barely" move it, i have pain tolerance that is better than some

    "Sure, I simply squeeze the middle of their back inwards with both hands,"
    you talking about your lover?

    Mystsa-"Could you describe the jumping punch or is it blatantly obvious. Like jumping and delivering a punch at the same time? But what kind of punch a jab, or maybe hammerfist to the top of the skull? What are the advantages?"

    i'm no MT practitioner but i've seen this in matches on TV,

    they fake a flying knee with the opposite foot then punch over the other guys guard because he is going down to block the knee, works fairly well but looks kinda stupid


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    Oh so it is like since I'm in the air I may as well throw a punch situation.

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