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    Black Belt -- in a Box?

    I got this in my e-mail a few days ago.

    I have no idea how good, bad or indifferent this program is. The name just threw me for a loop. The promoter's post script at the end clears it all up. sort of.



    34 Complete Books on CD

    5 Hours Video Training on DVD

    This is the best Martial Arts Fitness Training program in the World.

    Please check out our home page

    Black Belt In A Box comes packed in a beautiful Color Display box that holds 5 packages.

    Your cost is only $20 a package for a total cost of $100. (Free Shipping)

    Suggested Retail: $39.95…Giving you a profit of $100 a Display.

    Individual boxes for $20 plus $5 shipping

    About the Author:

    Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

    9th Degree Black Belt

    41 Years teaching experience

    World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998

    Grandmaster Instructor of Year 2000

    International Weapons Master of Year

    Martial Arts Weapons Hall of Fame 2001

    World Head of Family Sokeship 2001

    Martial Arts Legends Hall of Fame 2001

    Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 2003

    World Black Belt Hall of Fame 2004

    3 Times U.S. Karate Sparring Champion

    2 Times U.S. Karate Weapons Champion

    BOOKS on the CD

    Cane Jitsu

    Weapons of the Street

    The Complete Book of Judo Throws

    End of Injury

    Seven Days to Self Defense

    Street Jiu Jitsu

    Secrets of Martial Arts Masters

    The Amazing Secret of KI

    Martial Arts Secrets of Fitness

    The Complete Book of One Steps

    How to Win any Fight

    Fight for Your Life

    100 Deadliest Karate Moves

    How to Develop A Perfect Body

    How to Develop A Perfect Waistline

    Tonfa Tactics

    Mastering the Nunchaku

    Mastering the Sai

    Mastering the Knife

    Mastering the BO

    Mastering the Staff

    Mastering the Yawara

    Mastering the Tonfa

    Backyard Jiu Jitsu

    OMA (Obsessive Mental Attitude)

    Time Out For Bullies

    Kick Boxing Secrets

    The Complete Book Wrist Locks

    The Complete Book of Jiu Jitsu

    Fight Dirty

    Oriental Philosophy

    The Complete Book of Chokes

    Wrestling/Grapping Takedowns

    The 225 Best Stretch Tubing Exercises

    The Ultimate Stretching Manual

    VIDEOS on the DVD

    Secrets of Martial Arts Masters

    Injury Prevention

    Mastering the Nunchaku

    Troy Dorsey's Kick Boxing Workout

    Troy Dorsey's Kick Boxing Secrets

    OMA Lecture


    “I feel Mr. Gambordella’s programs can be of benefit to any professional or amateur coach and team and I highly recommend him. “

    Tom Nissalke, Head Coach

    Houston Rocket, NBA

    “In my opinion, Ted Gambordella has the possibilities of opening a new dimension in college athletics. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone.”

    Dale Brown, Head Coach

    L.S.U. Basketball

    “Ted has some outstanding programs for injury prevention, flexibility, relaxation and improving balance.”

    Fred Akers, Head Coach

    University. Of Texas

    “I recommend Ted and his program to any coach or trainer to help prevent injuries”

    Barry Switzer, Head Coach

    The University of Oklahoma

    “This is the first pre-season we have not had the usual muscle pulls and strains of the past We can only attribute that to Your Program.”

    Lewis Schaffel

    New Orleans Jazz

    *A ++++Great CD!

    *Awesome CD A Must for the Martial Arts Enthusiast, Thanks Dr. Ted and God Bless.

    *Books were excellent!

    Dr. Ted Gambordella you are a inspiration.


    *The BEST Martial Arts Cd I've Ever Seen

    *Tons of Information! Well Worth it!

    *Great CD, lots of good info on martial well worth the money for this CD

    *Great cd rom ,worth the money

    *Master Ted ,Very very Impressed GREAT Value thanks

    *Amazing amount of great martial arts material.

    *Great CD, everything you want to know.

    *Recommend to everyone.

    *This man is a true Martial Arts Master. Thank you sir!

    *SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUY HIS CD YOU WONT BELIEVE THE VALUE!!!!!!!!!A+++++++

    *A great compilation of material, Extremely useful and interesting

    *This is an excellent comprehensive work.

    *Books are great I have really enjoyed this CD, very informative well worth the money! Thanks!!

    *Great CD, lots of good info on martial well worth the money for this CD*Dr Ted is the Greatest. Thanks a million

    *Very impressed by amount of info! *

    *Great CD!. Packed with a lot of great info. Thanks Dr. Ted!

    *Plenty of goodies on the CD. Good stuff. Thanks!

    *Awesome Value, Great Product! I couldn't be more satisfied.

    *Very Informative CD! Buy this CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Superb CD, Excellent Martial Arts Material,

    *Great CD - I'm 100% satisfied - Excellent technique shown in the video

    *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED-- I love martial arts and I love your CD! Thank you so much!

    *Great CD... jam packed!!!!! A+++

    *Excellent CD, A Must for All Martial Artists Regardless Rank

    *I Recommend Dr. Ted 100% - AA++


    Karate mailing list
    [email protected]

    PS. There is NO Black Belt in the box. I am not selling “black belts” or giving them away, the term Black Belt in a Box means that the training inside the package is done by a Black Belt…so it’s like having a “black belt in a box”.

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    Umm wtf is street Jiu-Jistu

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    There's also Backyard Jiu-Jitsu.
    Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight:

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    Heh.. Wonder if that's like backyard wrestling? My friends and I do that.. :D

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    Originally posted by MONKEY KNUCKLE

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    Re: Black Belt -- in a Box?

    Originally posted by twocircles

    The Amazing Secret of KI

    How to Win any Fight

    100 Deadliest Karate Moves

    How to Develop A Perfect Body

    How to Develop A Perfect Waistline

    Hmm... gotta get me some of that. I'll be a KI master with a perfect body (and waistline), able to win any fight by using the 100 deadliest Karate moves.

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    Ok these were the highlights for me of this.

    Author - Grandpa Ted Gambordella
    Cane Jitsu (hahaha!)
    Martial Arts Secrets of Fitness (visit a certified trainer)
    How to win any fight (buy a gun)
    Time out for Bullies (dont forget th3 d3adly slap on the wrist)
    Fight Dirty (What about how to win any fight?)

    Nice find.

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    where is the martial arts hall of fame?

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    I'm tempted to say "Up his arse", but that might be considered impolite. :)

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