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    Originally posted by miguksaram
    Wow, you must not be feeling well. That insult was not even close to some of your better ones. BTW...that's a split pants and yes, sword is real, unlike most of your friends.
    I use what you give me.
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    Stop fighting!

    Look what you're doing to the children!

    *runs off sobbing*
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    Cheng Jin Cai
    9730 Town Park Dr., Ste. #116
    Houston, TX 77036
    (713) 782-7437
    Chen Tai Chi

    Before anyone starts , he Spars last I heard , and , in fact , is DIRECT from Chen Village . Debatably the best Chen school in the states . Hes Impressive enough to sway a 300lb boxer mate of mine , and hes got the goods .


    Hes got another Location where his Senior Student teaches across town or somethign . Same Cirriculae , however , AFAIK .

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    This gentleman, Grandmaster Kim Soo, was one of the early (1951) Chang Moo Kwan students and later Kang Duk Won (1957). He founded the first permanent location for a school in Seoul in 1963 called "The Korean Taekwon-karate Academy and served as the first Korean correspondant to Black Belt Magazine 1964-68. He immigrated to the US to escape the pressure to teach the sport martial art. He still teaches the old forms and techniques and doesn't get involved in sport tournaments.

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    Dont know if anyone answered your question yet but it depends on who he's looking for. Two of my favorite places to send people are Patumwadee Gym and Solis Martial Arts.

    Patumwadee is down by the Astrodome and is run by Saul Soliz, who has helped train Ricco Rodriguez, Kevin Randleman, and others. They teach Muay Thai along with BJJ (some purple belts I believe) and are great at producing fighters.

    Up northeast in Humble you have Alvis Solis, who is the only Dog Brother in Texas, and a brown belt in BJJ under Carlos Machado. Also a certified Guro in Arnis so if he wants to learn ANY kind of stick and knife fighting, Alvis is the guy in Houston. His guys are very active in the BJJ scene.

    Also, there's Kru Pong, for traditional Muay Thai... Pong teaches at One 2 One Fitness, next to his restaurant, Thai Gourmet. Pong used to run a training camp in Thailand, and is Saul Soliz's instructor.

    Oh, also, up in the Woodlands there's Yves Edwards' school, Woodlands MMA, also a great bet.

    You can find contact info for all these places on my website, in the Texas Schools links section. Go to and check the listings.

    Good luck.


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    Archlight , he said that his Brother was looking for a TMA school , not an MMA school .

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    But MMA is just TMA techniques, right? Basically Just Judo, remember? So why should it matter?

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    because it wont hold his Interest ?

    Im not arguing with you HH , but I mean , You went the Shaolin Do route ... do you really think that those guys would have ever learned to fight without their silly hairy Grandmaster and their 99 Levitating Blossom Forms ? Even if it DID take them 5 years to learn what you did in 9 months ? Now , Im with you , 5 years = too long for that , but hey , you can lead a horse to Water ...

    Im offering a Soloution - Enough in the way of the Silk Pajama thing to appease the boy's Quai Chang Caine phantasies , and the REAL world skills to back it up .

    Everyone Wins !

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    there is also po yee who teaches southern mantis on bellaire blvd. he is legit and traditional. i supposed i could also suggest the houston wing chun association. i don't know if they still exist. just avoid the wu shu kung fu guys. i just can not get past anyone who teaches 16 different styles of martial arts and everything looks like bad kickboxing...

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    Thanks to all. I will send him the information on all the schools mentioned. Though he said he wanted more tradtional I would like him to check out the MMA class as well since I don't know if he has a clear picture of a MMA school or if he thinks it is simply what he sees in UFC type shows. Anyway thanks to all. I appreciate the help.
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