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    I once knew a good BJ girl too .. um, but that isn't what we are here to talk about. :P

    I think every girl should learn how to defend herself. Even if she isn't the best fighter in
    the class - a girl who can punch a guy real hard
    in the throat is going to have a better chance in
    a bad situation than a girl that can't. You don't have to be excellent at martial arts for it to profit you. I'd rather my girl were half-decent at martial arts than excellent at badmitten.

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    It's tough for women who have "masculine" attitude towards anything. I get the most negative feedback from other women. There's this one woman -- nice lady -- but she WHINES about everything. If I clip her a little with a punch (just a little contact, like to the arms or chest) she freaks. I mean, hey, I still shouldn't hit her in drills -- I don't have the control I want -- but she shouldn't be shrieking to the teacher either. The irony is that she has no control whatsoever and constantly whacks me very hard in stick and knife training and I don't say anything, becuause, well, I just wouldn't.

    But women like her make the rest of us -- the serious six-days-a-week'ers like me and another girl, the ones who break bones and keep training -- look bad. I have to remind the guys "I'm pretty sturdy, you know. You can actually hit me."

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    I'm going to have to disagree with some of the posts made here as far as they say that women are unable to handle themselves. I help teach a bjj class at my local college and I don't lose to anyone save for the instructor and a nontrad friend of the instructor's who weights about 235 (I weight 145-155). This includes students who are wrestlers, marines, and football players of all shapes and sizes. But, there is one person who can get me in a scarfhold and pin me indefinitely. And it's a girl. She probably weights in the 120-130 area and is one of 'my' students. I haven't really taught her any submissions in depth from there yet... but when I do, I'll have to watch out.

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