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    Is Vale Tudo a Martial Art?

    Before I get fried let me explain the question better.

    You can fight in Vale Tudo events, under Vale Tudo rules by can you actually TRAIN in Vale Tudo?

    I can't find any history about this style. Apparently the name is Portuguese for "Anything Goes" but are there techniques which are specific to Vale Tudo? From what I have seen (very little) it appears to be BJJ with punching and kicking thrown in.

    Someone please enlighten me.

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    It's basically a no rules match, contest or event. It was what NHB type fights were first called. Look at Japan's VAle Tudo Championships in 94 and 95 that Rickson Gracie won. The event was a MA style hodge podge like UFC 1, 2, 3. It would be similar to saying I study K-1.

    But what do I know?

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    Well, there are scenarios that only turn up in MMA/NHB/Vale Tudo. You've got ground and pound, which isn't allowed in BJJ. There are times you'll be standing over a downed opponent and stomping them, which you don't see in Muay Thai. Headbutts, depending on the ruleset.
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    I believe the usual Vale Tudo Training is something like BJJ + Muay Thai... And even then you can get KOd by a Capoeira guy ;).

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    I'm pretty sure Vale Tudo is the name of the competitions themself, not any one style. You still get people who say they train "Vale Tudo", just like you get people who train "No Holds Barred", like our very own Phrost.

    I wrote most of the tiny Wikipedia article on the subject and it contains the best definiton I could put together:


    Feel free to work on that.
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