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    If youre asking me for technical terms, you will get none, because I lack them.

    I have this kinda intuition that tells me that, after a dcertain amount of time, your body will get accustomed to some kind of effort 8like, same routine of exercises, same number of sets, resp... even if youre adding weight). So, if you change those things, youre body would have to adapt to that.

    I beleive this principle may be aswell valid for any aspect of fitness.

    But have in mind that Im no expert and thats my opinion, if Im wrong, please, anybody, correct me. Dont let me stuck in my ignorance.

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    Mediocrates, what sort of training regime would you advocate (broadly) then for athletes? If you don't agree with standard periodization do you fall on the non-linear periodization side? Or what?

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