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    Ten kids repeatedly sodomised

    Elaine Anderson

    South Africa, Imbali - More than a dozen children from Unit 2 in Imbali have been repeatedly sodomised over a two-year period, allegedly by a neighbour who is now on the run. Children between the ages of five and 11, accompanied by their parents, told the Witness how the man used to buy them sweets, chips and cake.

    The parents did not mind their children going to his house because they believed he was teaching them karate, "but that was a cover story".

    A father of two of the boys who were allegedly sodomised said: "Over the weekend my four-year-old son Sizwe* went to the house and saw his brother Kwazi* being sodomised. He went running to tell his granny and demonstrated to his grandfather what was happening in the house." He said Kwazi (9) and Bheki* (11), told him the man had been sodomising them repeatedly. "Sometimes he would tell the children to sodomise each other, and then he used to have his turn," he said. "The man used to threaten to shoot the children if they did not have sex with him," he said. The father said one of the other boys now cannot control his bowels.

    "We've got animals living with us, if he wanted to have sex he could have gone to a shebeen and found a woman there," said the father. Kwazi told the Witness that the man sodomised him three times, and it hurt him each time. He said he was made on several occasions to sodomise his friends. On one occasion, he and his cousin, Themba* (10) were taken into the man's bedroom and made to lie on the bed while the man sodomised Themba. "There were five of us in the room one day, and uncle gave all of us sweets and cool drink and then told me and Themba to lie on the bed and he told the others to go outside. He then locked the door and raped us," said Kwazi. "He told me not to look while he was busy with Themba," said Kwazi.

    Themba said the man started sodomising him in January 2001. "The first time it happened he called me and Bongani* (11) and asked us to help him cut the grass. He gave us 50 cents each and told us to come inside and lie on the bed," said Themba. "He told us to take off our trousers and lie on our stomachs and he raped us. He told us he would hit us with a belt if we spoke about it," he said. Another boy, 10-year-old Nathi*, said one day he and some other boys were given a blanket and told to have "sex" with each other. They were frightened so they did it. "I did it with Bongani and the others also did it," he said. Some of the children said the man hurt them and others said he did not. Seven-year-old Thembi* who was also allegedly raped by the man, cried as she spoke to the Witness and said she is very frightened of the man, who told her he would kill her.

    She was also raped by another man who lived in the neighbourhood, and police have confirmed that he has been arrested for rape. The grandfather of one of the children said they believe the rapist who is on the run has served time in jail for rape. "This is part of his life, he lives alone in that house," said the grandfather, pointing to a house over the road. All the children said the do not like the man anymore, and do not want his money. They all said they want him to go to jail. Police spokesperson Inspector Les Botha said the police are still busy taking statements from the children, who will also be examined by a doctor. He said nine boys and one girl were involved. One man has been arrested while the other man is on the run. Police suspect other children were also raped.

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    cannot control his bowels......priceless

    oh yeah........sad story btw

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    I think you just don't like black people.
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    well I love black men......the women are only so-so


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