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    Bar Jokes - Martial Arts

    A guy walks into a bar and sits on a stool next to a smaller fellow. The smaller guy looks at the first guy, grabs him by the arms and neck, and says "That's a choke-hold in Judo." and lets go. The first guy, figuring that the little guy is just a bit drunk, lets it slide.

    Two minutes later, he finds himself in another painful hold, and the little fellow says "That's a secret bracing hold in Karate." Now the guy is getting a little steamed, but he lets it pass. Five minutes later, the little fellow jumps on him again, and puts him in another painful and compromising position. He says "That's a Death Move in Tae Kwon Do."

    Now the guy is angry and quickly leaves the bar.

    Ten minutes later, he comes back into the bar, and the little fellow is still at the bar, waiting for another drink. The guy walks up to him, and before the little fellow can move, he lunges at him, his arm flying out from behind his back. The little fellow falls off of his stool, and is out cold.

    He turns to the bartender and says, "That was a monkey wrench from Sears!"
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    haha i kinda liked that one

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    That joke, in its original form (big guy with the martial arts, little guy with the crowbar [or similar tool] from sears), is as old as my father.

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    I first heard that in the early 90's

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