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    Sheol Ive been thinking about your claims against eskrima as not being practical since no large standing army has used it to defeat another army. I guess according to your logic, BJJ isnt practical because no army has gone to war and defeated another army by humping their legs. Then again by your logic, almost every martial art becomes un-practical because what modern army, or in history what army has defeated another through empty hand combat alone. Last time I checked, Japan didnt do much conquering militarily with Judo and Karate, they did most of their military conquest with tanks, airplanes and rifles. Im tired of short sighted martial artists breaking down the complexities of colonialism into simple equations of military might. 16th century SE asia is vastly different than 19th century SE Asia. History was not a planned assortment of static events. The complexities of achieving hegemony within any given society is much more complicated than having military might, by your logic of military might determining the passage of events segregation would still be in place. Next thing youre gonna say is the damn cold war was won militarily. Might as well tell all them college professors and historians researching cultural change, history, etc... that they can all go home un-employed since all history is a simple matter of that guy is a better fighter with better tactics so thats why things are the way things are. Jesus I know abstract social theory is complicated, but damn dont make stupid assumptions. But then again, I have the feeling all this is gonna go over most peoples heads, since it doesnt involve pay per view.

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    what happened to sheol? here's some flip weaponries for you to chew on. btw, each of these has an art of its own

    1) kampilan

    2) kris

    3) barong

    4) panabas

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    Sheol -

    The Spaniads were --of course-- reknowed swordsmen. They did have 800 years of Moorish occupation to learn their craft.

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