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    Pride Final Conflict *spoilers*

    What I loved was Ogawa getting completely owned. TAKE THAT ************! YOU'RE NO LONGER BEING CRADLED BY PRIDE BECAUSE YOU HAVE SLANTED EYES! THERE WAS NO ESCAPING FEDOR! Im not being racist; but it seems to me that Pride protected him just to keep a Jap fighter in the tourney for all of the shows. Not only did Fedor almost knock his bitch ass out with his initial flurry, but then he went on to take him down and promptly submit him. Absolutely humiliating and it only confirms what everyone has suspected about ogawa: he's a charletan (I want to see the Ogawa nuthuggers squirm on this one).

    The ending was complete horseshit, however. I've followed this tourney all through the summer, and then it reaches this, for me, probably one of the biggest fights I've EVER anticipated, and then it ends due to a head-butt! DAMNIT ALL! Pride should step up and offer all the people that paid for this show a discount to see the Pride where they do fight. COME ON PRIDE! We paid to SEE THE FINAL CONFLICT!

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    I myself was very mad about this. Just like you I was waiting all summer to see this and it ends in the first 2 minutes with a headbutt.

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    These aren't exactly spoliers. Pride Final Final conflict was actually held last week, so the results have been available for a while now. Even though I tried to stay away from the full results, I actually appreciated someone telling me that the main event went to a no contest ahead of time.

    These types of things usually happen to the UFC, I guess it's nice to know that Pride can have bad luck too.


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