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    Well Ernesto Hoost won this years Grand Prix, although he had such damn luck to even be in the tournament! First Bob Sapp knocks him out and Mr Hoost fails to qualify for the championship, than the oponent that Sapp was going to fight in the Grand Prix was injured so Mr Hoost got a free ticket and another chance against Sapp. Once again The Beast knocked him out, than once again lady luck smiles on Mr Hoost when Sapp gets injured after the fight so once against Hoost is qualifyed even though he lost!

    Okay enough about that, i think that Bob Sapp will most definetly win the next Grand Prix! He is unstoppable, he takes punches like a mountain he has no technique but man he is like a steamroller!

    I dont think there is one single fighter right now in the K 1 world able to defeat this big guy! If he improves his technique and stamina ( He was death tired after the recent fight with Hoost) and maybe works on his kicks (He tried to kick Hoost in the recent fight but almost fell backwards when he tried to lift up his leg).

    And another thing Lebaner VS Cro Cop? Who would win?

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    "Hoost is qualifyed even though he lost! " lol, I haven't watched many K1 matches at all (overall) but that's stupid.

    "no technique but man he is like a steamroller! " from watching his MMA fight he does have technique, just not as good as everyone else.

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    What kind of stuff aside from allowing everyone else to use weapons would work against a machine like Sapp?

    I mean, you hit him, he shrugs it off and hits you twice as hard. Jesus, if he took BAJI !, they'd have to carry what was left of his opponents out on two stretchers and an urn.

    Maybe stuff from arts like BAJI ! and Taiji could be used against him? I remember hearing about Muay Thai having some jumping knees and kicks to the head, what about those?

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    You'd probably just hit him in the neck if you tried that. He's got a lot of neck.
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