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    Quote Originally Posted by lostitagain View Post
    It's not all fairy tales. I listed a reference so people could verify my post or if interested they could follow up and learn more about Jigoro Kano.

    edit: You can blame this noob for the thread necro...but I think its important that people be able trace their teaching back to the founder of the art. That's how you avoid the my ancient art has been passed down secretly over the last 50 billion years frauds.
    Well yes, I agree there are some reasonable contributions (yours beeing one, even though... i mean... five years...). So its not all fairytales. That is not what I wanted to say.

    But there are some stories in here (as old as they may be), which plainly fall into the "Grimms Märchen" category. And I think the title of the thread invites posting of such idiocy, as it seems to imply people are allowed (even asked) to post any unsourced hearsay their "masters" fed them over the years.

    Besides that its not an investigation, which is why I wondered about it beeing in MABS. This could be due to different rules/code of conduct back in the day though.

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    Chung Do Kwan and it was created by Won Kuk Lee. I am Third generation, as my instructor is one of the first Chung Do Kwan students, Hyun Ok Shin.
    I feel like you eye-bawlin' me, dawg!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwan_dao View Post
    Well yes, I agree there are some reasonable contributions (yours beeing one, even though... i mean... five years...).
    Well I have to get my post count up and I'm not going to just post something like "ninjers suck" to do it. I'd rather make a useful and informative post.

    Just see how useful this post is.

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    Walter Bayless invented Bayless Gi-less Jiu-Jitsu, techniques not invented by Walt can be traced to Shooto, folkstyle wrestling, and BJJ.

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