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Thread: Real Wrestling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macistani
    My aunt knows the guy that is starting the league, I met him a couple of times. He's pretty cool. (She lives in his neck of the woods)
    So, free tickets for Bullshido members or what?

    Get the guy to post?

    Let's put your connections to some use around here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by altlat
    I just saw it on tv a couple days ago. I only caught a couple minutes of it. It was on PAX tv. From the little I saw they didn't show everything and just showed when somebody scored in recaps. It was a tournament and I didn't catch the end of it, maybe they showed the entire last fight.
    The only show two full matches a show, and the rest is highlights and stuff.

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    A New League of Superheroes
    Makes Long-Awaited Television Debut

    Sunday's RealProWrestling (RPW) debut episode featured competition in the 121-pound weight class, showing highlights of the four quarterfinals matches, and the complete semifinals matches. The eight-week series will highlight the quarterfinals and semifinals of each weight class before concluding with the championship finals of all weight classes.

    Sammie Henson advanced to the finals where he will meet Teague Moore of the Oklahoma Slam. Moore, advanced with an 8-2 quarterfinal win over Jeff Prescott of the New York Outrage, and a 14-11 semi-final victory over Eric Akin of the Texas Shooters. Henson and Moore will face-off on Sunday, May 15th on PAX and will re-air May 18th on Fox Sports Net.

    The past Sunday's episode was the first taste of a new professional sports league in America. Real athletes, competing for $250,000 prize money based on performance. Its as real as it gets and it is finally here - your new league of superheroes!

    Click here for Report from Episode 1

    This Sunday's Match-ups (132 pounds):
    Dennis Hall (California Claw) vs. Scott Schatzman (Chicago Groove)
    Danny Felix (Texas Shooters) vs. Tony DeAnda (New York Outrage)
    Jim Gruenwald (Pennsylvania Hammer) vs. Joe Warren (Oklahoma Slam)
    Ryan Lewis (Minnesota Freeze) vs. Zach Roberson (Iowa Stalkers)

    Click here for Profiles/Teams Page

    Past Sunday's Results (121 pounds):
    Sammie Henson (Pennsylvania Hammer) technical fall over Tim Dernlan (Minnesota Freeze), 15-0
    Mike Mena (Iowa Stalkers) dec. Lindsay Durlacher (Chicago Groove), 12-7
    Eric Akin (Texas Shooters) dec. Matt Azevedo (California Claw), 7-4
    Teague Moore (Oklahoma Slam) dec. Jeff Prescott (New York Outrage), 8-2

    Henson, major decision Mena, 13-0
    Moore, dec. Akin, 14-11

    Henson vs. Moore, May 15th (re-air May 18)
    Teams Standings After 1st Episode
    Pennsylvania Hammer: 28
    Oklahoma Slam: 9
    Iowa Stalkers: 5
    Texas Shooters: 3
    California Claw: 0
    Chicago Groove: 0
    Minnesota Freeze: 0
    New York Outrage: 0

    Upcoming TV Schedule (check local listings for more information):
    Pax TV: April 3, 10, 17, 24; May 1, 8, 15.
    Fox Sports Net: Wednesday; April 6, 13, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18, 25.
    Click for TV schedule

    Need Help finding PAX in your area?
    Click here to find your State and Availability

    Television Feedback
    If you like RPW on TV, make sure you let the networks know. This is the time we have an opportunity to let the networks know to carry wrestling. Not only are we now showing network executives how good wrestling is, but we can now tell them what we think. Give them your feedback via RPW's website.

    Click here to pass your comments to the networks.

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    Wrestling is just boring; the only way they could hope to get people to watch it would be to make it a reality tv show complete with people crying like little bitches when they loose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ESP
    Wrestling is just boring; .
    To people who can't really understand what they are watching, that is unfortunately true.
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