Nihi...thank you. THAT is the type of discussion/analysis I was looking for. Although most of it is basic boxing (I've already done that arm vs. body test) your footwork analysis is definitely something I'll work with. And yes, I know I need to get a "real" trainer for the details! I'm not trying to learn it all on my own, but we work within our financial limitations, right?

Ok, so let's expand it a bit to something a bit more specific...a 3 or more punch combo starting with the standard jab/cross one-two to start. In my mind, neither of those would have as much power behind them as they would if they were a stand-alone 1-2 combo. (obviously the cross will have more than the jab as discussed above) Correct? Or should I try to train my punches to all be powerful (and fast, etc. etc.) regardless of the combo?


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