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    posted by normaldude on www.mma.tv:

    Teen handed 20-year term in fatal beating Tape of incident was key, prosecutor says

    By Monica Polanco


    Tuesday, July 23, 2002

    GEORGETOWN -- Brandon Threet, convicted of manslaughter with a deadly weapon in the fatal beating of another teen at a party last year, was sentenced Monday to 20 years in prison and fined $10,000.

    Jurors deliberated for two hours before handing Threet, 19, the maximum punishment for beating Terence McArdle on Oct. 7 in Anderson Mill. McArdle, an 18-year-old University of Texas student, died a week later of massive head injuries.

    "The jury understood that this was not a fight, no matter how many times the defendant called it a fight," Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley said. "By giving the maximum, they understood the defendant had no excuse for what he did."

    Threet will be required to serve half his sentence before being eligible for parole because of the deadly weapon finding, which means he used his hands and foot as a deadly weapon in beating McArdle.


    During the five-day trial, jurors learned that Threet became upset at the party after McArdle, wearing a pair of ski goggles that he found in the house, did a back flip in the host's living room, knocking over a framed picture.

    Threet took the goggles off McArdle, shoved him to the floor and asked him several times to trade punches for the right to wear the goggles. McArdle, a nine-year student of tae kwon do, declined three times but agreed after Threet -- then a student at the University of Texas at San Antonio -- persisted.

    Bradley played the key piece of evidence, a videotape capturing the fatal encounter, several times. The tape shows a smiling McArdle indicating that he would strike Threet in the chest and following through with a punch. Threet then hits McArdle in the face and strikes him two to three more times after he falls to the ground. Threet then kicks him in the head.



    the fact that the kid took TKD is not relevant as to why i'm reposting this. i look at it this way:

    it goes to show you that you have to be careful how far you intend to take a streetfight. there are situations where it is necessary to stomp a mudhole in someone. this was not one of them. now that kid has to look forward to daily anal rapings for the rest of his life. food for thought next time you want to unleash your "deadly weapons".

    now if he had just choked the kid out......

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    on the flip side a TKD guy kicks the crap out of three muggers


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    i cannot tell if this event took place in the USA.

    if it did, the muggers probably have grounds to sue!

    good for him. those robbers were lucky he wasn't carrying a gun. hehe.

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    Andy, with town names like Dang Wangi and currency called RM, I doubt it could be anywhere but Texas.

    Migo, as much as I'd like to say, "Aha, look, TKD can be effective," but the dude hit one of the guys with a stick and the other two ran. Doesn't say if he kicked them or not, but he probably just used the stick.

    In relation to the original topic, a friend of mine has a tape of a similar event, except it was a bunch of guys beating up one kid who survived. The guys doing the beating (and their crew) are out for my friend, even though he's said there's not actually any way to identify them.

    Not to worry though, he's got enough connections with baseball bats (along with a few masters of Glock-ryu Gun Fu, just in case) to make for a stalemate. As much as I'd like to help, he lives a ways away. But whenever I visit, I bring a bokken "because I'm going to have to practice even when I'm away from class". *cough*

    And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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