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    Kickboxing at Battle of Atlanta (email)

    Joe Corley announced today the addition of PKA KICKBOXING, the WORLD SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP to the main event lineups for the BATTLE OF ATLANTA September 10 & 11. All the information has been added to the www.battleofatlanta.com site.

    “Atlanta’s Mark Selbee (6’4”, 215 lbs. 20-0, 18 KO’s and #1 World Heavyweight contender) will be facing Montreal’s Raoul Doucet (6’5”, 225 lbs. 14-2-1, 7 KO’s and #1 World Super Heavyweight contender) for 12 rounds of PKA KICKBOXING to fill the vacant IKF World SuperHeavyweight title”, Master Corley explained.

    What a great place to entertain and "train" your friends and students!

    “The Battle of Atlanta has been the breeding ground for many of our world’s greatest champions, from Bill “Superfoot” Wallace to Joe Lewis and Jeff Smith”, reported PKC president Glenn Keeney, “and has been the home of some of the most historic kickboxing matches of all time—from the first title defense of Corley vs. Wallace, Smith vs. Slocki, Rhome vs. Hefton, Theriault vs. Thurman and where Roufus won his first world title. Atlanta’s Mark Selbee and Canadian Raoul Doucet should make for this same kind of excitement. With 450 pounds of black belt intensity, 37 wins and 25 knockouts between them, it should be a BATTLE OF ATLANTA classic knockout event!”

    “This matchup is part of a double main event the other half of which features our PKA WORLD POINT FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP”, Master Corley added. “NASKA has now rated the top ten fighters in the country based on their head-to-head results over the past year(s), and they are every bit as dynamic as their predecessors of yesteryear. They will be joined by 6 Battle of Atlanta champions and fight down this night to the BEST OF THE BEST!”

    Speaking of the BEST, Atlanta’s travel expert Lynn Gregory suggests that you go to www.airtran.com and www.delta.com for the best airfares available. “It’s a great one day sale, with fares as low as $49”, she reports. “Check it out and make your reservations for special Battle hotel rates as well on line at the Battle site (look under Quick Facts and save BIG $$ per night at Hyatt Regency Atlanta).”
    Call 770-998-4610 for more information or Email [email protected].

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    So, is that championship the only real fight that day?

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    That's the way I took it. One and only one full contact kickboxing match.

    I thought NASKA was also adding some submission wrestling to its regular tournaments...saw a bit of it on ESPN.


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