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    I'm not surprised to see that ignorance continues to prove to be an 'indomitable' factor on this site. Those that wish to believe in chi/qi/mystical superpowers will continue to believe in such things, even when faced with logical reasonings backed with empirical, scientifically supported, evidence.

    This is why traditional martial arts has such a population of con artists, charlatans, and fools. One is usually not required to prove anything in an empirical manner. Just show a few tricks, get a business plan together, and you too can become a "master" with a thriving business. Who is really to blame?

    In the MA game, their VICTIMS come to them as customers (so-called "students"). Because they operate in an industry that is unregulated, with little risk of legal reprecussions, there is little chance of cleaning up the martial arts. It is up to individuals to be INFORMED consumers to protect themselves. In other words they must not be satisfied with being ignorant.

    If someone wants to teach mysticism, then it should be classified as religion or mere ENTERTAINMENT. To teach it as pertaining to health, physical fitness, and 'self-defense', even when they are themselves, sincerely convinced of its existence as truth, is irresponsible.

    As an aside, that body energy stunt (where the practitioner place his/her hand(s) over/under the mark's ...I mean, student's hand/limb) can be consistently performed in an appropriate environment by anyone that's been 'coached'. It has nothing to do with health, strength, spirituality, or fighting ability.

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    Good to see the skeptics out in force here.

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    chi is ****
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    Look, the reason qi translates to so many different things is that believers in the existence of qi made artificial distinctions between many things that were the same, and because they were untterly confused about the function of the circulatory system. They thought that arteries and veins were "inflated" with this qi, and that qi was carried around the body by them. When they saw the deflated tube-like appearance of severed arteries and veins they thought that this qi was instrumental in maintaining life.

    **The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**
    Normally, I'd say I was grappling, but I was taking down and mounting people, and JFS has kindly informed us that takedowns and being mounted are neither grappling nor anti grappling, so I'm not sure what the **** I was doing. Maybe schroedinger's sparring, where it's neither grappling nor anti-grappling until somoene observes it and collapses the waveform, and then I RNC a cat to death.----fatherdog

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    "You're going down paths I never found to be of any merit when push comes to shove. Most of what is discussed in these issues is only relevant in tightly controlled environments and can be easily overcome by creating a state of

    The mind is extremely powerful when properly harnessed but to use it for 'protection' is defensive in nature. There is no internal power that can be used to protect you from a kinetic blow and I would be glad to have anyone who believes so attempt to absorb one from me ... of course I'll be driving my car at them at the time. Might as well give them some real kinetic force to deal with." Tim Larkin TFT Founder

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    Kungfoolss, Scourge of the theory-based stylists, Most Feared man at, and the Preeminent Force in the martial arts political arena

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    >did einstein have proof for his relativity theory?

    Do you even KNOW what you are talking about? First of all WHICH THEORY. He's had several or are you just fimilar with E=mc2. If you really know this then you know the proof and the errors involved.

    So far you only shown that you're willing to stick your fingers in your ears and sing LALALALALALALAALALLALA without really contributing anything.

    >Lono, the Hawaiian God of peace, prosperity, wind and rain, is the one who brings waves (surf) and not that Poseidon guy!

    Your both wrong. It RYUJIN OH.

    >Oh, my wife also said that chi has many definitions to Chinese, besides energy/life force it literally means breath and the phrase "don't get angry." can be translated to "don't let your chi out." and she went on the dif tween tai chi chi and chi and so forth and i'm not a linguist.

    Aren't you glad you have linguist to help you out. Your wife is correct but I don't think she fully explained this to you.

    The kanji CHI/KI has 3 main difinitions. SPIRTS (such as being in GOOD SPIRIT), ENERGY sucha as DENKI (electricity) or MIND. THIS kanji is the one used when refering to CHI/KI in MA.

    Now it is used in many ways. For instance WEATHER is TEINCHI/TENKI would would literally mean the ENERGY OF HEAVEN.

    NOW TAI CHI is NOT written with this character. As we know TACHIQUAN (TAIKYOKUKEN in Japanese) mean GRAND ULTIMATE/EXTREME FIST.

    This is the same character used in BAJIQUAN (Eight Exterem Fist) KYOKUSHIN (Ultimate Truth) etc.

    Different characters the have the same sound in chinese.

    FAJING is pretty much is the application of proper body mechanics. and Mystical overtones have for the most part been done away with. Many exercises the teach you fajing show you the proper stance and movement. SHI YANG MING has a good series on this.

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