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    It's my last days ever ever ever....

    I want you to tell vadrip and judo guy to come see this thread...

    I want to say that Vadrip and Judo Guy are two of the gayest Judokas ever...

    Judo Guy say that the Ude Garami lock is supposed to lock the shoulder if applied correctly.........he only say this because he heard it from the BJJ guys

    Judo Guy say that Carlson Gracie is the greatest grappler ever

    Vadrip is another gay Judoka...he and Judo Guy say a lot of gay ****, but I recently saw Vadrip's post on the ADCC forum say that Yoshida will lose to Satake if the fight is legit

    I mean......these two gay dudes sounds like they are Judokas that are lusting after BJJ's success

    If you want to be a BJJ lover, so be it...but to claim to be a Judoka that goes against Judo for the love of BJJ sounds VERY gay

    I mean...like a Native American claiming to keep his culture alive, but be a hypocrite

    If you're a Judoka that do BJJ, that's ok
    If you're a BJJer that do Judo, that's ok
    If you're a Judoka that bash BJJ, that's ok
    If you're a BJJer that bash Judo, that's ok
    If you're a Judoka that bash Judo, that's ok
    If you're a BJJer that bash BJJ, that's ok

    But if you're a Judoka that always talk **** about Judo (AKA raping yourself) IN JEALOUSY OF BJJ, then you are GAY!

    Another gay dude is Dashooter from the Underground....he made a thread in the Royce Graice forum that says:

    Royce, Yoshida tapped Fry!

    Then in the thread he say: But it was a work!

    (I don't even know how to explain this gay attitude......itching ass crying?)

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    <marquee>I'm an ex-street fighter and ex-con and I know a thing or two about fighting.</marquee>

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    a good wtf is in order.
    Once a fighter, Always a fighter. Shawn
    -Styles i train in-
    Western boxing

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    I'm trying to say that Judo Guy and Vadrip are the gayest Judoka ever....

    You can compare them to a man who hires another man to **** his wife

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    just wait until you start training judo.......


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