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    jab, jab, cross, side kick, spin it around as you land and do a side kick with your other leg then go straight into a front kick.

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    Certain combos (small ones) you need to be able to throw in rapid sucession. Yeah, you shouldn't just use the same thing over and over, you get projectable.

    What I mean is something like a kick after punch combos, or the one-two, a straight after a hook, jab/cross/hook jab/cross/uppercut jap/cross/roundhouse... just a tiny few examples.

    Something else you can do is change your patterns - double up a jab, lead off with a cross, throw a hook first, confuse them.

    Oh yeah, they're good for working out on a bag... bags do not hit back. Another thing to do is do combos someone calls out.

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