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Thread: Mean streak.

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    Who the **** would come to a gym with all your friends and try and wrestle you?

    Thats just retarded to even request something, even if I was the best fighter in the world I wouldn't do it.

    The fight won't happen, even if everyone on this board posted a pick, if the person doesn't like the other person they are going to try and take advantage of a fact of that person leaving themselves vulnerable and try to hurt them with it.

    Like the common mistake of posting your age, these people on here who try and act mature have to try and make it seem like your incapable of coming up with an original thought.

    So that is my explination of why this will never happen and Pedee Shaolin likes rolling around on the ground with guys and getting ring worm and then asking his buddy to apply lotion to his balls where the ring worm is.
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    Thats true finaly something out of carbon (Judo-kid Claps) People that use your age against you are just fruit loops and ignorent. Hnmm i think i was making fun of you on another form but i changed my mind, Listen just stay out of the way Peede or Jamoke will kill each other one day, ALl they need is each others IP adress then go to diffrent web sites that will track addresses for you (just like phone numbers) and there you go BREAKING NEWS Report of On-line Martial art fight leaves to in hospital and one dead. More on this story at seven, Proble gonna happen not much you can do but watch Carbon.
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