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    King of Fists - will you drop the "masters" bit - Sifu Emin was a young first or second technician in EWTO when he challenged Charlie Cheung, who was shouting around that he was a master and could take anybody was he who should have behaved better and dealt with a technician better...Sifu Emin is now a much cooler character (he's now 40 odd) and you cannot comapre him then to how he is now.

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    That's not really the point.

    The point is that both fighters should have displayed their Kung Fu better. I've seen untrained innercity kids fight with more technique than those two.

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    KoF, it wasn't a fight, it was an attack. Cheung was surrounded, tried to get out, and then Emin jumped him. I can't believe he's proud of **** like that, having to set it up on a slippery floor with Cheung wearing "no-grip" brand Kung Fu shoes.

    If Cheung wanted to fight, he would have done more than just block as best he could and try to escape, he would have kicked Emin's ass into that video camera, which would have been a hell of a lot harder to edit out.

    And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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