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Thread: BJJ for me?

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    I can sort of vouch for Vaghi, great organization. I trained up in Milwaukee before they went to join Sauer's branch here.

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    It really depends what you want out of it?
    -conditioning (boxing, MT, BJJ good)
    -self-defense (Krav Maga might be worth a look)
    -sport/tournament competition (judo, TKD, BJJ)
    -socializing (lot of hot chicks in Krav Maga classes I've seen, NONE in BJJ)

    Also I would take into account your background because it's important to be well-rounded. I never wrestled but had done a lot of striking, so BJJ was good for me. If wrestled a ton, you could try a striking art.

    And convenience is underrated. If you have to drive 45 minutes versus 5, I think it makes it that much harder to be committed all things being equal.

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    Silly! BJJ is for EVERYONE!

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    to get a black belt? are you kidding? He probably got that in 6 MONTHS.

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    a lot of chicks are in tkd classes,
    but being the new guy with the WHITE belt, they probably think they could kick your ass and thus destroying your game plan altogether.
    girls dont dig bjj but you get learn to some real ****.

    "said and done"

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