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    Check out Peedee's latest article, this time turning the spotlight on the Greek martial art of Pankration and one of its more prominent characters.

    Here's a snippet:

    Jim Arvanitis has been a matter of curiosity to me for quite some time. Ive read his book and purchased his video series waaaaay back when Panther was first advertising it.

    After analyzing this guy and his style I almost feel bad about including him in an article for McDojo.com. He seems to be a very accomplished martial artist who takes his academy very seriously. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Jim Arvanitis or his style of Mu Tau Pankration, let me explain a bit.

    Read it here.

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    The best article I have read on Greek Pankration was in the April 1996 issue of Inside Kung Fu. It was written by Kostas Dervenis and appeared on page 52. It had 11 pictures of actual sculptures and paintings. Being Greek, I became very interested in pankration after reading it. I began looking for more paintings and sculptures of ancient Greek combat and competition. Have you seen any online anywhere?

    I really don't know about Jim Arvanitis and his art. I've never seen anything but his web page. I agree about the hair though. That guy looks like some sort of crazy pirate who has been stranded
    on an island for 10 years with no food or women.


    My Kung Fu eeeeeees better than yours! lol

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    Hmm. peepee finally showing his true colors, he writes a mcdojo article because the guy has a bad haircut...


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