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    Quote Originally Posted by Singto Muay
    Just only now stumberling over this post I thought that I would reply.. you see I am said instructor from said gym....
    This is a three year old thread the original post being on 07-19-2004, 11:08 PM. If people are saying necroing, as in necromancy, bringing a dead thread back to life.

    In my opinion, because you're only now aware of this thread, and it is totally your right to respond to this, I'd just ignore the necro talk.

    Though to be fair, I think original poster had backed off his claims made in his first post. When other posters pointed out some falliacies in his arguement.

    Just to be clear. I have no experience with muay thai, I haven't trained at your gym and I don't know anyone involved.

    Edited: Some cleanup of grammar in my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Singto Muay
    Just only now stumberling over this post I thought that I would reply.. you see I am said instructor from said gym.

    So lets see if I can answer some of those questions and comments you have.

    I am glad to see that you chose to come and experience Muay Thai at our gym, it seems as though you stumbled into our circuit wednesday session. Designed to push each individuals personal cardiovascular levels, which is then follwed by light level sparring and techniques from our grading syllabus.

    You were very likely told not to spar as you are not a member of the club with sufficient insurance cover. Also as a new comer to the gym, you would not be allowed to spar to ensure no injuries accidental or not occurred. The level of sparring you could see was probably down to the standard of students in that session, the standard vary's from session to session with only advanced and fighters sessions being of a high level

    As for the techniques being demonstrated if you wish to receive full power elbows to the head, then you've been hit in the head to much already. You we're probably told to try them on the street away from the club to see how you get on.

    Confronting me as you say you did is interesting, from your story that followed I probably fell asleep.

    "Unfortunately what he taught was pure bollox" - thats a nice way to describe 15 years of training, and 13 years of instructing... content was shown where content was thrown.

    Marketing material it seems you did not read correctly, gradings are offered every three months with students being asked to TRY and grade at least twice a year. The price of the grades increase due to the length of time required to actualy grade, i.e. from 1 hour to 2 days. (ringlets around the arms are called Krung Rangs)

    None of the mits, shorts, pads and other equipment is compulsary.. as all equipment is supplied.

    At that point in time we was working closely with several local police groups to help bring juniors in to the sessions and of the streets. Which also included teaching several of the local community officers free of charge.

    Mr Jekly your more than welcome to come back and have another weeks worth of sessions for free.. .. I leave it in your hands.:fart:
    This isn't necromancy, he did offer a REAL reply that updates things.

    Anyways, any proof that your gym isn't crap? Even a TKD school can teach officers for free if it will get them some publicity.

    How have things changed in the last three years? What has happened that someone would visit this gym and see a complete turnaround from you claiming deadly techniques, and head fissures.

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