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    Told me about Bullshido in person.

    I am glad he did.


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    Looking for William Cheung/Emin clip by way of Matt Thornton article.

    News Stories and all the verbal warfare kept me coming back for more...

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    I clicked on a link from another martial arts site. It directed me here. I actually prefer this site more because almost everyone here practices some form of martial art, whereas the other site has mostly trolls now.

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    I started on the UG, in July 2001, now and it was a little overwhelming, so many people posting constantly, I barely posted for a few months though. Then I started posting on, which was in general pretty gay, then I got banned a bunch of times and decided to stop re-registering. Then I found the ADCC Forums, I think someone posted a link at Sherdog's. So I posted more and more there, at one time I had the highest post count in the forum and the most posts per day...which was kind of sad, but I ended with 3317 posts having signed up on 02-03-2002. Then that place started getting ridiculously out of control and stupid, the constant trolling, which continues with the same resident trolls today, the weird crap like one homo sending naked pics to everyone he could find an email for...EVERYONE, luckily he didn't have mine.

    Anyway, that combined with my exposure to Peedee's rants about bullshit salesmen who knew nothing about fighting and made impossible claims, and I had a thought, what if there was a site dedicated to exposing these idiots in the most humiliating way possible? Peedee could dissect any fraud he came in contact with and we could have it on a site it would be like an editorial website on martial arts. Then Phrost said he would register a domain name and we were set, a couple of other people helped with videos and pictures, I did some crappy html, then Phrost revamped the site for the first time and it was a big improvement...and I was out of my depth. So we became the admins of the forum he set up and he took care of the site more than me.

    Then I got sick, I had nausea for about 6 months, doctors never really figured out what it was, but I couldn't train. Also being an admin and trying to help with the site upkeep was getting to be like longer any fun, and that combined with not being able to train made me lose interest in the site. Things seemed to be going ok with Phrost doing everything, but I have always felt kind of bad about not helping when I should have. Phrost paid for everything, I never contributed any money.

    However all that aside, I am very pleased with the way things worked out, the forum seems to be doing well, the site is accomplishing what it is supposed to accomplish.

    One other thing though...going from an admin to a nothing is a little strange...but I don't know which is better, admins got bugged all the time, but it is cool to have some authority :D
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