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    Hey sorry man, I've been spending alot of time with my girlfriend during the holiday and I havent been checking everything.

    I've never competed in pro kickboxing. I wanted to at one time(prettymuch anyone can) but it never worked out. Ive worked with kickboxers and everything but never went for real. I still can, maybe I will someday.

    TSK is a hybrid system on the east coast. They currently kick azz on the NAGA circuit, Muay Thai circuit and MMA.

    I think both Kickboxing AND BJJ are good for streetfighting. One is good for close quateres where most fights end up and the other practices realistic hitting and moving and
    GETTING hit under pretty realistic conditions. I would say that kickboxing favors a larger person because you take more punishment from kickboxing than you do from BJJ and a larger body is usually capable of taking more damage without getting injured.

    As far as changing BJJ for thr street I think it would be a great idea to practice at least 35% of the time WITHOUT a uniform. It would also be great to practice AVOIODING strikes and achieving the takedown. That coupled with basic striking would make someone fairly comfortable in a street altercation. It would hurt to step up on the takedowns and incorporate a little wrestling training too.

    Kickboxers already practice very effective hand and foot techniques. That goes doubly for muay thai. Kickboxers need to learn to AVOID the takedown(Sprawling is necessary) so they can stay on their feet and use their weapons. Thinking that your just going to hit someone and drop them is crazy. You never can tell for sure and if the guys bigger than you and stronger the chances of stopping him with strikes only is alot less.

    Overall JKD is the way to go man. People's bodies are basically the same. Prince Naseem throws a jab the same way Mike Tyson does. Not because of his size but because thats the way a jab works best for 99% of the human race. Eventually there are going to be a large group of techniques that are just going to work best for a large percentage of the population. Low risk techniques that are just generally smarter to study than others. These techniques are going to be found in all ranges. Alot of schools are doing it now.

    Martial arts have evolved so much over the last 15 years. We're all lucky that we have the opportunity to learn now.
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    Thank you for answering my questions Peedee.

    I enjoyed reading your ideas.

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    Is TSK Tiger Schulmann's Karate ? I assume it is, based on the positive things that you have said about them on at least one other post.


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