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How difficult is it for someone to become a professional fighter? Do people have to stack there resume's with amature fights first? Im pretty new to the entire scene so bare with the nievity (prob misspelled) of the question.

Any feedback is appreciated! THANKS.
In the late 90's, I just sold myself. I checked out the Extreme Challenge site and got in touch with Monte Cox. We had some very professional conversations and he offered me a couple of shots. He left a message when he needed an opponent for Dennis Reed in an early show, but I returned the call too late. Then, I was supposed to fight in EC 16. As opponents changed, I changed my mind. Then, I asked to fight in EC 25. Monte told me that he'd give me another chance, but if I backed out of this one, that would be the end of it. Even though I wasn't 100% prepared, I still fought. It was a good experience, but the money isn't THAT good. If you ever get a pro bout, I doubt you'll feel that you've been reasonably compensated.