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Thread: vitamin scams?

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    I love how lo2u was so outraged by the manner of questions that Dr Crapo faced that he decided to make a stand... almost two years after the imagined offence.
    Bravo, sir.
    Now, if you'll just email the people who set sail on the Titanic, maybe you can help avoid a terrible, terrible movie soundtrack.

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    I'd like to point out that Crapo doesn't seem to actually be an MD, he has his doctorate in oriental medicine. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that any papers that he's had published are not going to be in any reputable medical journals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry-Monkey
    I'd like to point out that Crapo doesn't seem to actually be an MD, he has his doctorate in oriental medicine. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that any papers that he's had published are not going to be in any reputable medical journals.
    Neither the Michigan or California license boards have any record of a 'Mark Crapo'.

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    As far as I know, he's never claimed to be a doctor (as in MD), he uses the credentials he has to support his vitamin biz, though. The thing with vitamins is that they're considered supplements and generally viewed as not having specific curative properties in the same way an antibiotic has. So, businesses have a lot of leeway in their marketing to advertise their claims. As long as their careful about how they word it their ok from a legal standpoint. Its also interesting to note that all people from the company are (at least the foot sales people) are all independent distributors, which the company has no real control over. From that point, its not their fault if their distributors 'get it wrong' from time to time.

    This guy and others all report the same style of marketing.

    We still have yet to examine his evidence of his 'superior' products. I bet we'll have to wait another two years before another goof ball runs across this thread before they're willing to actually talk about it. Their modus operandi seems to be spam the hell out of any negative media (ala certain hollywood religions) with positive reviews.

    In the mean time, it seems that their product line has doubled since I last saw it. It'd be a bit of work to evaluate all the claims listed on their pages, but its the same operation: make a positive claim based on some bit of positive research, ignore negative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lo2u
    I have meet Dr. Mark Crapo a few times and U should have done ure homework before u talk **** about him.

    Dr. Mark R. Crapo
    O.M.D., D.Ac., B.S., L.Ac., C.A.

    • Central Michigan University, graduated Cum Laude
    • Majors and Minors in Sports Medicine, Religion, Education, Sex Education and Physical Education.
    • California Acupuncture College (Los Angeles campus)
    • Graduate degree in Acupuncture, graduated in top 5 of class
    • Doctorate in Oriental Medicine, graduated in top 5 of class
    • Post doctoral classes at University of San Francisco, University of Hawaii, Emperor’s College and seminars across the US as well as in China and Japan.

    • 10 semesters on Dean’s List at CMU (every semester)
    • Member of CMU’s Honor’s Department
    • First student to graduate (from CMU) with degree in Teaching the Academic Study of Religions
    • Member of National Honor Society
    • Member and President of National Honor Fraternity
    • President of CMU’s Sports Club Federation
    • President of CMU’s Judo Club
    • Captain and coach of CMU’s Judo Team
    • Student Body President California Acupuncture College (served two terms)
    • Listed in Who’s Who of Outstanding Americans and Who’s Who of International Professionals
    • Listed in Who’s Who of Aikido (published in Japan)
    • Inductee into Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame
    • Inductee into US Martial Arts Hall of Fame

    Work Experience:
    • Double certification in education, both elementary and high school – have taught grades 1-12 as well as college undergraduate and graduate classes.
    • Have taught continuing medical education classes in the US, the Caribbean and the Philippines
    • Have over 20 years experience as a primary health care physician in both California and Michigan
    • Hosted a nationally syndicated radio show on health, nutrition and medicine
    • For more than 15 years have worked in the design and manufacture of nutritional supplements
    • Author of many articles on health, healing, herbs, Oriental medicine and martial arts
    • Author of one college text book; Acupuncture A Desk Reference
    • Editor and contributing author of the Practical Applied Nutrition course in the State of California

    • Almost 35 years in the martial arts with black belts in Judo and Aikido.
    • As a 6th degree black belt, one of the senior instructors of the Aikido Institute of America and the founder of the Aikido Institute of Michigan
    • Gives seminars on Aikido and self-defense around the US, the Caribbean, the Philippines and Japan
    • Gives seminars on using Aikido Principles in daily life and business as a means to personal and professional growth

    Wow, with all this "experience " and knowledge, this guys should be over 100 hrs old. Maybe that's why he has the "secret" formula from the Bible so one can live longer
    **rolls eyes **

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    And what school did he get his degree in Oriental Medicine from? It's strange that it's not listed. You realize that in some states it is illegal to call yourself 'doctor' without an appropriate accredited degree?

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    Do you ever get the feeling of deja vu?

    A quick search of California acupuncture licenses holders does reveal a Mark Crapo:

    Edit: try this$lcev2.startup?p_qte_code=AC&p_qte_pgm_cod e=6500$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=2297&P_L TE_ID=723

    However, his curriculum vitae is plain hard it is to graduate in the top five in a master's of acupuncture program [answer - not hard], or even better, how hard is it to graduate in the top five of a doctorate in acupuncture program when most programs have only a hand-full of students per class. Plus saying you have been practicing as a primary care physician for 20+ years when you not a MD/DO (and obviously haven't completed a 3 year family practice residency) is bullshit, even if California law allows acupuncturists to be considered "general practice" in order to allow L&I cases.
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