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    I agree that Duke Moore was a very important pioneer in American Martial Arts. Also, his system Zen Budokai is very versatile and can not easily be labeled as purely a "traditional" one. For instance, I have been training in this system for 24 years, and, for the past twelve years under his top student and now head of Zen Budokai, Professor Tim Delgman in San Francisco, CA. Professor Delgman and my main instructor Sensei Doug Haight are very open minded and supportive of my interests and training in modern Sport Jujitsu which I also teach to students in my classes. I have also met many other of Duke Moore's top students throughout the years and found all of them to be very diverse in their knowledge and background in multiple martial arts styles from the traditional to very modern. Finally, in order to move from Nidan to Sandan in Zen Budokai, one must earn a black belt in another style of Jujitsu, Judo or the equivalent skill level in a non ranking martial art.

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    Well I found Tony Troche alive and well in Hawaii. As a matter of fact we are supposed to me August 20th in San Jose. SHould be fun....


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