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    San Soo then?
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    yeah, and no I didn't do any. I kept myself to getting triangled by Driscoll and J-lau.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnarmedBoxer
    Ming Loyalist, what's your style? I didn't see any kung fu in those clips.
    everything i did was hung ga kung fu in those clips. if you were expecting me to do fancy animal poses, fly, run on the walls, or fight from a super-low stance, then i'm sorry to tell you, that stuff is only in movies.

    i don't want to get into an extended online discussion about it, and i already stated that i didn't fight very well that day, but here's one example of what i am talking about:

    anytime you are using circular attacks to counter-hit at the same time you are evading, that's crane. (unfortunately instead of evading in a circular motion, i tended to fade straight back, making the technique ineffective.)

    if you don't get what i'm talking about, go to the next nyc throwdown or the vegas mega throwdown, and i'd be happy to explain it to you in person.
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    Great stuff. Nice job guys, I've been working these days. Originally planned to come but I gotta make that money, especially on saturdays :/

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