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    (I sweared god I didn't make this up)

    The latest battle with my parents........

    I cooked some rice in the rice cooker, then ate an orange...then I went downstair and told my little brother to check if I put the rice cooker on cook.
    That stupid bitch came back and say that it wasn't on cook so I went back up and it was on cook so I call him a *****.....then my mom AKA Monster started bitching around...I nuke it out with her.
    I went back to my room and that Monster was saying some annoying things so I shout back at her adn slam the door.....she came down and started bitching even more....she tried to **** me, I say I'll **** her back......then she told me to get out of the house so I got out the front door and punched out the window screen on the way out.

    I walked around for like 3 hours bareass.....and I just managed to get into the library with my shirt covering my bareass and go online right now...

    Man I hate this family!!

    If they didn't **** me back then.....I might be much better right now.
    All those rapes damaged my hormone system and also my rectum (Because I was raped for a long time)

    This summer is just a waste...44 more days to go

    Tonight I'm sleeping in my mom's bed for sure.....

    I got the herbs and everything to restore my rectum back to full power BUT the problem is that my rectum is also mess up so it won't absorb the herbs...

    I tried to fix my rectum but haven't been successful yet..........another problem is that my stupid parents are LOVERS of incest....I have problems trying to stop them because I enjoy it.

    I just got out of the hospital 3 weeks ago and the medicines that the doctor give does not really help you, it's just anti-depression drugs...it won't heal a damaged rectum fully

    All these have destroyed my Teenhood, Health, Life, Social Life, Sex Life (Due to hormones not working properly), and everything..........................

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    yeah... thats too bad

    I'll let you try my Wu Tang style...

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    Man what a homo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That's pretty gay alter...


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