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    Unless you end up taking JJ in prison, I seriously doubt you're going to run into a gay grappler trying to feel you up while you're learning how to keep from getting your ass kicked in that range.

    There EVERYWHERE ...

    BE AFRAID !!!!

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    Originally posted by Asia
    *patented Omega style Middle finger to Duck of Death!


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    Originally posted by Unmatchable
    I was kidding about that. I don't mind grappling I just can't afford tot ake it now (with the other stuff), but sometimes it does seem gay staying in a guy's guard for too long and rubbing each others crotches, and especially when demonstrating techniques.
    Dude if you are that insecure about your sexuality......just cut your dick off. Jeez.:rolleyes:

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    *simpathetically grabs crouch due to mental picture*

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    Standing locks have a use in moving someone into position for another technique such as a takedown, or so u can hit them e.g. a snap kick to the face when you have a wrist lock on.

    If someone can resits the lock then you are trying it at the wrong time, put it on after a stike to destract them or when thy grab you, a jab can divert someone's attention then you put the lock on & finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuan

    Here is a link to the video page. I am not that familiar with Japanese JuiJitsu all that much but some of the techniques from the photos look kind of iffy.
    Basically, JJJ is more like RBSD than Judo or BJJ. A lot of JJJ is "you attack me this way, I counter this way and usually try to throw you or break your limbs".

    I think that if you just do JJJ you'll encounter many of the common problems that TMAists encounter vs. sports fighters, but if the JJJ is taught in a realistic enough manner it can be a useful supplement for someone who is interested in self defense.

    (I studied JJJ for like 4 or 5 years with a very good instructor, which is the basis for my appraisal.)
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    I just went to my first lesson at a club teaching this style in the UK.

    I thought it was OK, we did some non-compliant groundwork and throwing, and the fitness workout was intense enough that I'm sure my out-of-shape self would benefit from it if I train there regularly. It was also very cheap, being run in a well-equipped but subsidised university dojo. They hold grappling competitions within their org using a variant of judo rules that ban some of the more dangerous/painful submission techniques for lower grades.

    We also did some compliant aikido-like stuff that I thought would be too complex and require too much precision to pull off under pressure, and wasn't being practiced in an alive manner.

    You can find my fuller description on this thread, where Sophist (who had a bad experience with the style and switched to Judo) warns me to look elsewhere :-

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