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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel Browning
    Okay, what type of tournment is NASKA, full contact, point karate etc? Please tell us a bit about this Tourney. Secondly in regards to GM Floyd's Ninjutsu claim here is the standard article on Ninjitsu lineage claims. Please explain how Floyd's art can be proven to decend from Japan in the 1500s. Or was he part of the Buj?
    NASKA is the North American Sport Karate Association. They run forms, sd, point sparring and full contact comps, so it would depend on which tourney this guy's instructors competed at. Although if it were "open", my guess is that it was one of the non-full contact ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuan


    What the Hell? Another mix of Chinese and Japanese?
    Or, Chi fu-c-ka? Really though:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    On June 2, 2007 Master Reid was inducted into the U.S.A. MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME as SELF-DEFENSE MASTER OF THE YEAR.
    Again and again and again we see these places buying awards from belt-for-cash and award-for-cash "societies", "of the year" and "hall of fame" websites. This one is a bit of a hard weasel to capture, but you get the gist of it if you read between the lines here:

    Basically, you go to this HOF induction and at the same time the USAHOF offers a "training camp", which is a sure bet to be a pay-for-play seminar series. It works alot like those "poet's anthologies" where you buy the anthology book, then your poem "wins an award to be picked up at Washington DC" and you only have to pay for your hotel and meals and they'll give you an award...and ask you to pay for seminars on how to make money from your poetry, how to submit your prose to editors, etc. All at exorbitant prices. I wrote an "award winning poem" as a senior in high school, some 10+ year ago. I still get junk mail from two seperate societies asking me to resubmit the same two poems for subsequent anthologies.

    Also, this "Circle Of Masters" appears to be yet another in a long line of "fluff" sites, used to create a network of yesmen who back each other's claims. If our man, Mr Reid, had trained from the age of 4 with Nakamura, why does he need so many beltforhire head nodders and Sakoeship councils to pad his claims?

    PS: The Circle Of Masters is so important and so helpful to have, that their website hasn't been updated since 2002. What a great benefit to have for an instructor, the benefit of an organization too busy to promote you and even itself.

    Now, all of this is circumstantial evidence, at best, but it does point to belt buying in orgs normally known for padding, which leads one to want more information, So, delving further into the Ninja University, I began picking apart the instructorship. Now, Danny Reid Jr. here has KyoKushinKai training, supposedly, under Nakamura, so that's a good place to start. First, I note that he or someone creating the background story did not bother to spell "Tadeshi" Nakamura's name correctly, as it is Tadashi. Minor error, but one that you would think might be a fuax pas which someone who spent alot of time with a master of that caliber would not make. Sadly I can find no tie online between nakamura and Danny Reid Sr. or Danny reid Jr., though his HOF background story claims his father was a Sempai beneath Nakamura. Perhaps a message to Nakamura through his website would garner more information about Mr. Reid.

    I can find no email at the official site, but maybe someone else can track it down.

    Unfortunately, I think this whole thing will need the first-hand, witness and video to be continued because I found a thread on MAP pertaining to the school itself. Keep in mind, this was written in '05, so it is old info., but the nature of the post was what caught my eye.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fujiwara Kazuma
    would have gone to a bujinkan or genbukan dojo if there was one close by but the closest one is almost 200 miles away from me.
    also, i dont think they are out for the money, as of right now i study there for free because danny seen how eager i was to study but couldnt really afford it right now, so he told me to come down any time i had some free time.
    once i can afford it i will be purchasing a 3 month membership.
    the guy that i will be studing under isnt directly a part of the ninja university, he studies under grand master ugene floyd but has created his own system (sassori-ryu) by adding a few more styles of martial arts, personaly from seeing what i have seen and looking into the MA its self, i am convinced it is effective.
    While his description alone does not mean by any means that it is effective or it isn't what we think it is, most McDojo owners do not give free lessons past the first. So, this conflicts with the usual McDojo connotation. But not with the Bullshido connotation, which is more along the lines of what Ninjutsu/Ninja LARPing turns into rather quickly. I say try it out, see it firsthand, check into sparring, training, drills, and effectiveness, then get back to us. Otherwise, Mr. Reid is shaky, but I've yet to find an angle where I can prove or disprove rank. And many of the site I found pertaining to Mr. Reid were copies of the other information we already have, which is a common problem when using the Internet to search for information on martial arts. Sometimes interconnectivity and redundancy are bad. I'll keep trying to, at the least, find corroboration of rank, if not direct counterproof to said rank, but ATM this should be shelved until we see the techniques.

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